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Hey pixels, my name is Sílvia and I am passionate about all things creative and DIY’s. I love baking cakes and making vegetarian food. I live in Spain and I have a degree in Psychology, but now I want to dedicate my life to something more creative. So this is the reason I started this blog. Here I want to share with you, my pixels, all the creative skills I’ve been learning… I hope you like the blog!!

I work with brands and bloggers. For any suggestions, Business enquires and collaborations please feel free to contact at:

I will answer in the next 24 hours. Ask for my rates, please. I would love to work with you.

My professional experience as a blogger:

I also write at:

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My happy collaborators:

  1. Chairish: My woman bar cave design
  2. Douglas & Elliman Real Estate: Florida room inspiration board
  3. Turo: The happiest playlist (to listen while driving)
  4. My new pair of glasses


  1. Liebster Award (April 2016)
  2. Make it Ultra Blogger Award (July 2016)
  3. Liebster Award (August 2016)
  4. The Verstatile Blogger Award (October 2016)
  5. One Lovely Blogger Award (October 2016)
  6. The black cat blue sea award (October 2016)
  7. Liebster award (October 2016)
  8. One Lovely Blogger Award (January 2017)
  9. The Blog-aholic Award (January 2017)
  10. Blogger Recognition Award (February 2017)
  11. Sunshine Blogger Award (February 2017)
  12. Sunshine Blogger Award 2 (February 2017)
  13. The Cramm Blogger Award (March 2017)

Blogger collaborations:

  1. Invaluable: Where Should I Pick Up Antiques??
  2. Classifiedbird: Benefits of travelling.
  3. Snapshots in cursive and Treat Yourself Today: THP first birthday!!
  4. Classifiedbird: How to organize your closet
  5. Invaluable: Antique jewelry
  6. Cook and Enjoy Recipes: Menjar blanc
  7. Invaluable: Antique Shows
  8. Oven temperature: why is important
  9. A monthly collaboration with: Cook and Enjoy Recipes.




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