Antique jewelry

Hey pixels!! This week I’m making  a post about antique jewelry that’s inspired by Invaluable. They have a beautiful section on their web where you can buy antique jewelry. You know, vintage items are always special, and that’s just because they have their own story. Buying one antique piece you can continue this story adding your own chapter to it. That’s why I find this jewels so great.


My friend Ryan has asked me if I have that kind of special jewels at home. He wanted to know their particular story and if I wear this pieces or not.

My answer was: yes, of course. I love this subject. And I have a couple of this pieces to talk about. Its value is sentimental, more than another (they are not really valuable in economic terms), but I love them because of their story.


Both are from my great-grandmother. She was my mom’s grandmother. She loved fashion. They hadn’t a lot of money, so she had normal things and jewels. Here, in Spain, we didn’t have the latest in fashion. Trends arrived after a time, but she wore them anyway. I think she was one of the most modern persons in my town. It was the decade of the 20’s.

A lot of her stuff has get lost with time. But my grandmother still has two things from her that are so nice. One is a gold bracelet that she always wears. I’ve seen her with this bracelet since her mom died. I think I was 3 or 4 years old when my great-grandmother passed away. It’s just a normal bracelet, but I find it nice. It was a present from my great-grandfather; he gave it to her when they were dating before getting married, and after that, it has always been used by someone, first by my great-grandmother, and them, by my grandmother.


The second jewel I  want to talk about is more special. I didn’t know that this exist. Really. My great-grandmother wore it when she was young, and she went dancing or to parties with her friends and boyfriend ( my great-grandfather). Actually I think it’s another present from him. It’s a handbag made of silver. I took some pictures of it, because I think it’s so pretty and vintage. I think a lot of women had one at the 20’s. I don’t think is really valuable now in economic terms, but it had to be awesome to wear it at a party. How it shines with the light!! You look pretty and lovely wearing this bag!


Now no one uses it, this kind of bags are not a trend. But I enjoyed discovering its existence and listening to my granny explaining me things about her mom.

And that’s all. I hope you have enjoyed the story of my antique jewels. It has been nice to explain it.

(Note: photos source: Unsplash and my own photos).

(Note2: I dedicate this post to my great-grandmother, and to the rest of women of my family).

Do you have antique jewels at home, my happy pixels? Have you ever bought one? If you want to share with us a little story about them, you can do it in the comments below.


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