The happiest playlist (to listen while driving)

Hey pixels!! Warmer temperatures are here, and that means it’s time for holidays and road trips!!

Are you planning your next trip yet, my happy pixels?? If the answer is yes, here I have some inspiration for you!! I’ve teamed up with my friends at Turo to help you planning your next road trip.

road trip 1

I love road trips!! You’re free to go anywhere and you can see lots of different things and visit many interesting places. And, of course, you can listen to your favourite music while driving…

road trip 3

And here is where you can use Turo. They allow you to rent a car or to list your car. This way, you can explore a city and its surroundings in a cool, new way; or earn some money while you don’t need your car. This service is available in many cities and it’s really interesting. You can learn more about it in their website.

Do you listen to music while driving? Some renters leave CDs or a custom playlist for their rentee to use as they explore a new city in their rented wheels. That’s nice!! Maybe you will be lucky and you’ll find your ride equipped with some sweet tunes.

road trip 2

What’s your favourite kind of music? My friends at Turo asked me to make my own playlist and share it with you, my happy pixels. Maybe it will help you to make your own playlist for your next road trip. Or at least, you will know better my music tastes…

SF Collage

So here it is:

The happiest playlist:

  1. Thank you, Futures
  2. With you, The Subways
  3. Let her go, Passenger
  4. Ho hey, The Lumineers
  5. Modern way, Kaiser Chiefs
  6. The lemon tree, Fool’s Garden
  7. Kedvesem, by Alex
  8. Bubbles, Biffy Clyro
  9. Back to black, Amy Winehouse
  10. Sing, Travis
  11. Right Action, Franz Ferdinand
  12. Boulevard of broken dreams, Green Day
  13. Hysteria, Muse
  14. Wonderwall, Oasis
  15. Strawberry fields, The Beatles

I like many other songs, but these are my favourites. Oh, and when I’m stressed, I listen to classical music. And, sometimes, opera. I love the voice of Maria Callas.

Do you like music, my pixels?? What’s your favourite song? Are you going to make a road trip this Summer? Please, let me know in the comments below.


Photo sources:, google search




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