My woman bar cave design

Hey pixels, did you know I’ve done my first serious collaboration? Yes, I did!!!

I’ve teamed up with Chairish, a beautiful shop where you can buy and sell furniture and decor. They asked me (and other bloggers too) to design and create a woman bar cave, where a woman and her friends could have a drink and chat.

That was amazing for me, because I just love designing and creating spaces where people can feel like at home: comfy and happy!! And because, who doesn’t like to be in a cool space to have a good time with friends???

To make my project, I’ve used everything from the ChairishΒ online shop, from furniture to bar stools!! The result is pretty amazing!!

I had to choose a style, and my election was: Nautical Style!!! I chose all the elements for the room in this style. Also, I had to describe the bar cave and the ideal drinks to have while having fun. This was my description:

“This ideal woman cave would be in a room full of light, with white wood floors and a big window with views over the sea. You could have a drink with your friends, chat and have a snack or a brunch. My bar essentials would be: white wine, champagne, some cool cocktails but probably an artisan beer too!! ;)”

To finish, I made them a quick doodle about how my bar cave would look like. Have a look at it:

Chairish design THP

As you can see it’s only a doodle, but you can have an idea!! πŸ˜‰

I hope my project likes you, my happy pixels!! What do you think about it?? Please, let me know in the comments below. πŸ™‚


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