Where Should I Pick Up Antiques??

Hey pixels!! Today’s post is inspired by Invaluable’s blog post about antiquing. They put together some great tips, so now I am sharing my personal strategies with you, my happy pixels. They asked me if I have any tips or tricks to find home decor and antiques. The answer was yes, so now I am sharing my strategies with you, my happy pixels.

As you may know, I love home decor and repurposing old stuff to decorate my house. I’ve done a couple of decoration projects since my adventure as a blogger started. And maybe you remember DIY 31, where we took an old piece of furniture and we gave it a new life.

But, what are my strategies when I’m buying this kind of stuff??

First of all, you should know where I usually buy this kind of products. My favourite places are: charity shops, online or through local advertisings at the newspaper. Another good one is going to flea markets.

Shops: usually, here antique shops are expensive. But a lot of times, people gives old stuff and furniture to charity. This things are sold later at charity shops. You can go there and buy them for a reasonable price. Even if they need some restoration, most of times it’s something easy to fix at home, so the price is still good. Here, the trick is to go often. They sell everything, from furniture to books and vinyl  records. Check all the shop. Be creative: think in what you need and have this in mind while you’re looking for something. But remember you can give an alternative use to most of the items they sell. For example,  a suitcase can act as a coffee table.

Don’t be afraid to ask for prices or bargain. Be kind with the shop assistants. Ask for help or advice if you need to.

And don’t forget the clothes section. A lot of things can be used for cheap DIY’s, specially if you’re learning how to sew.

DIY moble

Online and local newspapers: both are actually really similar. I look at facebook pages and local newspapers to find advertisings. People who are selling their old stuff use to publish ads at this kind of places. Sometimes you can find something interesting. Then, you just have to call and ask for the price or characteristics of the item they are selling. Most of times, you can bargain and obtain something interesting for a good price.

Flea markets: Again, you can find almost everyting here. Sometimes it can be a bit expensive, so you should visit all the market before buying anything. Maybe more than one person is selling the same product or similar, but one of them is cheaper. Or the seller offers you a discount. Be creative again, have an open mind about the uses you can give to every object you see.

To finish, if someone you know (a friend or relative) offers you something they don’t use, say always yes. Check it and try to find a use for it. If you don’t like it, take it to charity; maybe someone else will find it interesting.

So, my tips are:

  • Search everywhere you can.
  • Be creative and have an open mind.
  • Try to find the best price.
  • Before buying, think if it’s worth the price. Sometimes, an objects needs an expensive restoration. If it’s the case, maybe you should not buy it.

Well, that’s how I do it. I hope this tips will help you, my happy pixels.

Do you buy antiques? Or at thrift stores? Do you have any other tips? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Photos source: Unsplash.com


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