My first interview (by Treat Yourself Today)


Hey pixels!! Today I’m so excited because I’m sharing with you my answers to this wonderful interview. Grace, from Treat Yourself Today asked me this questions as a part of her nice blogging community. She published the interview yesterday, and now I’m sharing it with all of you, my happy pixels.

glasses 2

This is so special for me. Because it’s my first interview as a blogger, and because now you’ll know a few things more about me.

Thanks, Grace, for your beautiful interview!!

If you want to read her original post, you’ll find it here: Original post.

The interview:

What does a healthy balanced lifestyle mean for you?

It means that you live (or try to live) a healthy life: eating healthy, homemade food, doing some exercise and taking care of yourself. That means not just having a beauty routine, but do some kind of meditation or another activity that makes you feel better.


Are you practicing self-care? If so, how?   

Yes. I couldn’t live without having time for myself or without taking care of myself. Life can be stressful sometimes. My usual activities to take care of myself are: listening to music, going to my favourite café to have a coffee, and my favourite, watching cycling on tv.


What do you like to do during your down time?

When I’m not in the mood to make things, I simply watch a good film or I lay under my blanket reading a book. Pinterest is another good one.

What are the little things that make you happy?

All the things I make to practice self-care, plus reading, going to the cinema, travelling…



Favourite quote(s) that you love?

Difficult  roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; the man who never reads lives only one.

Without music, life would be a mistake.

The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.

Is there someone or something that has inspired you to become the person you are today?

Yes, my parents, of course, and my grandmother. I guess it’s the typical answer for this kind of question, but it’s the truth. I don’t admire that much any famous person. Well, I have to admit that I’ve been influenced by some book fictional characters.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the interview, my happy pixels!! Thank you again, Grace!! You’re wonderful!! Contact her if you’re interested on her community.

Lots of love,


Sharing is caring: a french dessert

Hey pixels!! Today one of my posts has been shared by my friends of Cook and Enjoy Recipes. Thanks for sharing my dessert!!

It’s the dark chocolate coulant we made to celebrate the happy first birthday of this blog. Do you remember it, my happy pixels? It’s been more than a year together. I couldn’t be happier with my lovely friends here. Without you, THP has no sense at all.

Thanks again for your friendship!!


Here is the link to her beautiful blog: A french dessert.

Do you like international food, my happy pixels? Do you make new recipes at home? Please, let me know in the comments below.


Christmas decoration tips


Hey pixels!! Christmas is almost here, and there are still lots of things to do… Have you decorated your house yet? If the answer is no, maybe you’ll  want to have a look at the next decorating tips and ideas to get the ideal festive decoration.



The happiest decoration tips

Choose a colour scheme. Don’t think just in red and green; use what you already have at home, and choose a colour scheme that matches with your usual decoration colours. There are a lot of possibilities: gold, white, black… You can even use non traditional Christmas colours, like pink.

Focus on a central point: your fireplace, tree, table… Make this point the center of your decoration; choose a nice one and make everyone look at it.


Decorate the table. It’s Christmas, my happy pixels. You’re going to eat, so why not having a beautiful decoration for your table? Candles, napkins, maybe some flowers… Just be consistent with the colous: keep the same scheme everywhere in the house.

Use natural elements. Pine cones, leaves, branches… If you’re collecting wild mushrooms, pick up some cool things to decorate. Make a wreath, put them on mason jars… the possibilities are endless.


DIY: a wall ornament, reuse old Christmas cards, make a DIY tree… Make anything that makes your house cozier. You can even have fun with gift wrapping.

Why not something funny? Are you thinking the same as I’m thinking now, my happy pixels? A hot chocolate bar? Cocoa? Marshmallows? Anyone? I want two, my happy pixels!!


And last, but not least: less is more. You don’t need to decorate every corner of the house. The result will be better with less decorative items, but well chosen and placed.

How do you decorate your home, my happy pixels?? Do you prefer a traditional style? A modern style? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Photos: Unsplash

The happiest Christmas menu suggestions nº1

Hey pixels!! Christmas is coming!! Just less than a month to celebrate it!! I hope you are as happy as I am now. I love Christmas: presents, food, family gatherings, songs and sweets are things that make me happy.

Now I’m starting to plan my Christmas menu. I don’t want to leave this for the last minute, because, you know, there are tons of things that need to be done before the big day: food, presents, decoration, sending Christmas cards to everyone… Have you printed our Advent Calendar yet? It’s full of happy activities. You’ll relax and forget all the Christmas stress for a while.

This happy blog will help you to organize your Christmas day: during the next weeks I’ll post menu suggestions, decoration tips and more!! Here is the first one. All are vegetarian, easy to make and yummy! They have a starter, a main course and a dessert. You can make one or combine two or even three of them. I hope you enjoy them, my happy pixels!!

Christmas menu nº1



Vegan Christmas soup (4 ingredients)

Main course:


Sweet potato, mushrooms & kale lassagna



Christmas tree chocolate cupcakes

What do you eat on Christmas, my happy pixels?? Have you already started to plan the big day? Do you have great ideas for this year? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Wild mushrooms & spaguetti: best combo ever!!


Hey pixels!! It’s time to collect wild mushrooms!! And make some nice recipes using them, of course. Do you remember our wonderful rice dish from last year? Well, last Sunday I went to collect more mushrooms with my family, and I did this pasta dish for lunch.


It was a great day. First, walking through nature, and then, cooking and eating. I took some pictures, too. It’s always a good moment to take photos!! And everything was beautiful.

We woke up early, took a quick coffee and went to the countryside to start collecting. We spend all morning walking and picking up mushrooms. I like this place because it’s easy to find mushrooms there. After arriving home, I made this recipe, and we ate it. So nice!! Everyone enjoyed it!!

Ingredients (serves 1):

  • spaguetti
  • 7-9 small-medium wild mushrooms (store bought are ok)
  • salt, olive oil
  • fresh parlsey
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced


Cook pasta acording to package directions.

Let’s make that sauce: mix olive oil, garlic and parsley in a bowl. Mix well.

Grill your mushrooms; spread some sauce over them while cooking.


Serve pasta with grilled mushrooms on top. Add more sauce if needed.

Do you collect wild mushrooms, my happy pixels? Are you going to try this recipe at home? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Ingredientes (para 1):

  • spaguetti
  • 7-9 setas (si no salís a buscar setas habitualmente, podéis usar las que compréis)
  • sal, aceite de oliva
  • perejil fresco
  • 2 dientes de ajo, picados


Cocer la pasta siguiendo las instrucciones del fabricante

Hacer la salsa: mezclar en un bol el ajo, el aceite y el perejil

Hacer a la plancha las setas; mientras van cociendo, les echamos algo de salsa por encima

Servir las setas encima de los spaguettis; añadimos más salsa si queremos.

¿Recolectáis setas en la montaña, mis felices pixels? ¿Vais a probar esta receta? ¿Nos dejáis un comentario?

How to master social media

My second post as a Blogger Memo Pad member!!

Blogger's Memo Pad

Hey pixels!! How are your blogs going?

Now, we have some ideas  and we know how to write a perfect post. What’s the next after publishing it? Spread our words all over the Internet!! And, which is the best way of doing this? Social media, of course. Posting your blog content in social media will help you to reach more people, and this means more visits, followers and more benefits for your blog.

But, it’s really necessary? Do I have to do it? Yes, the answer is always yes.


For this reason, I want to help you, my happy pixels, to master the art of sharing your content. This is the first episode of a series of posts that will help you with this. Here, we will learn how to schedule your social media posts and the best way to use each social media. They are all diferent, my…

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Advent Calendar in a jar+ free printable

Hey pixels!! It’s almost December! That means two things: Winter and Christmas.

December starts this week, and the first day of December it’s the first advent day. That means opening the first mini present on your advent calendar!! Do you have one?

Advent calendars usually have chocolate or candy, but why not a calendar filled with activities? Each day your calendar suggests to you a nice and happy thing to do that day.

It’s that easy: fill a jar with the activities printed, and each day you pick up one. You’ll fill your countdown to Christmas with joy and happiness. Trust me, my happy pixels, I’ll do it, too!!


Just print (it’s a double side printing), cut and fill your jar with all the papers/cardboards. Take one each day until Christmas day.


Happy activities you’ll find at the calendar:

  1. Drink a cup of hot chocolate
  2. Send Christmas cards
  3. Go to a Christmas market
  4. Sing Carols
  5. Play Board Games
  6. Dance
  7. Drink eggnog
  8. Ride your bike
  9. Visit a museum
  10. Make Christmas cookies
  11. Make a festive picnic in your living room
  12. Wear a Santa hat
  13. Make a wish
  14. Read a Christmas story
  15. Give someone a present
  16. Give someone a hug
  17. Decorate your house
  18. Knit a scarf
  19. Watch a Christmas movie
  20. Have a coffee
  21. Write a letter to Santa
  22. Go for a walk
  23. Snowball fight
  24. Finish wrapping presents
  25. Eat cake and have fun!!

Do you buy or make your own Advent Calendar, my happy pixels? Are you going to print this one? If so, why not Instagram a picture? Use the hashtag #thehappiestpixel.