DIY 39: positive thoughts in a jar

Hey pixels!! First day of 2017; did you had fun yesterday? I hope so, my happy pixels. The last day of the year is always special. It’s when we remember how time flies; and when we make a list of  New Year Resolutions.

But, we really complete our resolutions list or we forget it? This is why I’m proposing this DIY, my happy pixels. It’s all about positive thinking and happiness. We, people, tend to remember better all the times when we do something wrong or when we are unhappy. But we tend to forget all the good things that happens to us every day. I  want to change the game with this DIY.

How about this? If the last day of December you could read about all your best moments of the year, and remember all that happy events and thoughts you’ve had, I’m sure you would feel much better. Well, you can do it easily with this DIY. Keep reading, please!!

You’ll need:

How it works:

It can’t be easier, my happy pixels!! Just remember: when something special happens, or after a good day/moment, write it down on one of the cards. Store the card in the box/mason jar.

This way you’ll be keeping all this precious moments. Next first day of January, open the box/mason jar and read all the papers. You’ll be amazed remembering all the beautiful things that happened to you during 2017.

What do you think about this DIY, my happy pixels? Are you going to make it? Please, let me know in the comments below.


DIY 38: felt Christmas stockings

Hey pixels!! Have you decorated your home? I’m starting decorating mine. For this reason, I’ve made this awesome DIY: felt stockings. I  want them full of candy on Christmas morning!! I’ve been good all year…



Do you have stockings? If not, or if you want more (who has too many stockings?), you can make them. This tutorial is so easy that you can have 5-6 units in 60′. Or more if you’re faster than me at sewing.

I’ve made two units. Now I’m looking for the right place to hang them. In a visible place, so Santa would fill them with many candy!!


You can customize yours with more colours or decorations. Use your creativity, my happy pixels!!

You’ll need:

  • sewing machine
  • felt (in 2-3 matching colours)
  • pen, scissors
  • optional: ornaments: tassels, pom poms….


Draw the shape on your felt (use a sock as a pattern). You need 2 for each stocking. Cut.

Cut some decorations for your stockings, like this squares I’ve used.

You’ll need too a strip of felt about 5cm. long to make a loop. One for each stocking.


First, sew your decorating shapes onto the front side of your stocking. Then, place both pieces of stocking felt back together and sew! Sew around the edges of the stocking until the entire thing is sewn together, except the top of course.

To finish,  fold your felt loop in half and sew onto the back right corner of the stocking. For most of this sewing, you could also sew by hand but it will take quite a bit more time.

What do you think about this DIY, my happy pixels? Are you going to make some stockings? Please, let me know in the comments below.


Advent Calendar in a jar+ free printable

Hey pixels!! It’s almost December! That means two things: Winter and Christmas.

December starts this week, and the first day of December it’s the first advent day. That means opening the first mini present on your advent calendar!! Do you have one?

Advent calendars usually have chocolate or candy, but why not a calendar filled with activities? Each day your calendar suggests to you a nice and happy thing to do that day.

It’s that easy: fill a jar with the activities printed, and each day you pick up one. You’ll fill your countdown to Christmas with joy and happiness. Trust me, my happy pixels, I’ll do it, too!!


Just print (it’s a double side printing), cut and fill your jar with all the papers/cardboards. Take one each day until Christmas day.


Happy activities you’ll find at the calendar:

  1. Drink a cup of hot chocolate
  2. Send Christmas cards
  3. Go to a Christmas market
  4. Sing Carols
  5. Play Board Games
  6. Dance
  7. Drink eggnog
  8. Ride your bike
  9. Visit a museum
  10. Make Christmas cookies
  11. Make a festive picnic in your living room
  12. Wear a Santa hat
  13. Make a wish
  14. Read a Christmas story
  15. Give someone a present
  16. Give someone a hug
  17. Decorate your house
  18. Knit a scarf
  19. Watch a Christmas movie
  20. Have a coffee
  21. Write a letter to Santa
  22. Go for a walk
  23. Snowball fight
  24. Finish wrapping presents
  25. Eat cake and have fun!!

Do you buy or make your own Advent Calendar, my happy pixels? Are you going to print this one? If so, why not Instagram a picture? Use the hashtag #thehappiestpixel.


Improve your home with an amazing Autumn houseplant (DIY 36)

Hey pixels!! How are you? Are you good taking care of plants?  You won’t need it to have this amazing and resistant plants at your home this Autumn. The following ones are the best and stronger plants that you can have at home this season. You won’t be disappointed by them.


I love plants, they add green, natural vibes at your home. But I’m not so good taking care of them. this is why I always ask for resistant plants when I buy them. Don’t be afraid to ask for more info about the plants you’re buying, my happy pixels. I’m sure the shop assistant will be happy to help you; and also, you’re not buying an object. Your plant is alive, and every one has its particular needs.

But, why having plants? They are not just for decoration purposes; having plants at home has benefits for you. It allows to stay in touch with a little piece of nature if you live in a big city. Plants absorb dioxid carbon and release oxygen during photosynthesis, so they help cleaning the air.


Having plants makes your house a home. Also, some studies have proved they increase our productivity, so don’t forget to add some plants to your home office, to help you working or studying. If you don’t work at home, you can bring a plant to your office.

And now, a guide to the best Autumn plants:

  • Bromeliad
  • Lemon cypress
  • Kitchen herbs
  • Succulents
  • Peace Lily
  • Mums
  • Snake plant
  • African violets
  • If you’re interested in planting bulbs, some Autumn bulbs are: Narcissus, Hyacinth and Amaryllis.

(Note: I took pictures of all the plants that looked pretty to me. So, probably most of them are not on the list above.)

Do you have plants at home, my happy pixels? Are you going to buy one now? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Guest post: how to organize your closet

Hey happy pixels!! Autumn has just started, and that means I’m going to reorganize my closet and to get rid of all the clothes I’m not using. For me, it’s like a second Spring cleaning, let’s call it Autumn cleaning!! This year, I’ve teamed up with my friend Shivali, from Classifiedbird, so both are publishing this post at the same time!!


I have my own organization method. We should call it: the pixilated method. It has three steps:

First, I select my clothes to separate the ones I’m using from the ones I’m not. I do this for every clothes category: jeans, shoes, shirts…. First, I put all my shirts on the bed and I separate them into two groups. The shirts on the group called “not in use” are for charity. Usually I don’t give my old clothes to friends or family, unless someone has asked me for that special dress.

To choose, I have my own criteria. Basically I ask myself next questions:

  • I’m going to use this shirt if I keep it?
  • When was the last time I used it?
  • It still fits me?

If most answers are no (or a long time ago for the second one), I put it on the “not in use” group. All this shirts end up in a box to take to charity. Then, I start the same process for the next clothes category. Jeans, for example.


I do the selection this way because if I have a look at all the content of my  closet at the same time I feel overwhelmed. I don’t like cleaning and organizing, and I find this an exhausting process. So, if I categorize, I can divide the selection in two times instead of making all in one day.

If you want to have an idea about the result of one of my selections, here is a list of my Autumn basics:


1&2: A couple of nice T-shirts

3: A comfy pair of Jeans

4: A nice skirt

5: Oxford shoes


The second step is cleaning the closet. Usually I don’t take all the clothes out to clean the inside, so I make first two steps at the same time. For example, when all my shirts are out of its drawer, I use my DIY natural cleaner to clean it. It’s perfect because you get rid of all the dirt and the drawer it’s perfectly clean until next Spring cleaning.

Now, you can finish with last step: organizing the items you’re keeping. The good news is you can use the space left behind for your old clothes. That’s how I organize (please, keep in mind my closet is tiny):

  • Hang just the essentials. Keep other things in drawers or use organizer helpers.
  • Put labels on your shoe boxes.
  • Organize by color. This way it’s easier to have a general view of your clothes.
  • Use a drawer for each kind of stuff.
  • Keep foulards and scarves in a box. Roll them, so you can see all at the same time.
  • Use plastic boxes to keep out of season clothes. This will keep dust away from them.


And this is a general overview of my method. Do you find it useful, my happy pixels? Do you have your own method? But I should say the most difficult part of keeping your clothes organized starts after step 3. Guess it? Yes, the hardest part is to keep your closet organized. I know the solution is easy: just store your stuff properly right before using or cleaning it. But it’s hard… The struggle is real.

Well, I hope to have helped with my pixilated method. Are you going to organize your closets for Autumn, my happy pixels? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Note: this is not a sponsored post.

Photos: mine and from Unsplash



DIY 35: how to add pockets to a skirt

Hey pixels!! Today’s DIY is about fashion. How to make your skirt look as a new one. Actually my skirt was new, I bought a cheap skirt just to make this DIY, but you can use a skirt that you already have at home. Give it a new  life.

skirt 1

I used faux leather to make the pockets, but you can use the material you prefer. I had two different colours, so I made a pocket of each one, I put the pockets next to the skirt and I choose the one that matched better with my skirt. In my case, I prefered the darkest tone.

It’s an easy DIY. It does not need advanced sewing skills, and you can sew it by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. In this case, just use a material softer than faux leather.

You’ll need:

  • a skirt
  • faux leather (or any other material, in a colour that matches your skirt)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors, pen or chalk, paper


Cut out two identical pockets. I draw the shape on a paper, I cut it and I used it as template. Make the shape you want; in my case, I prefered a traditional shape.

skirt 2

Choose placement on your skirt for the pockets and mark with a pen or chalk. Sew pockets on this place.

Wear your new skirt!!

Do you update your clothes? Are you going to make this DIY? If you do so, why not instagram a picture of your own skirt? Use the hashtag #thehappiestpixel.

skirt 3


  • falda
  • piel falsa, en un color que combine bien con la falda
  • máquina de coser
  • tijeras, lápiz o tiza, papel


Corta dos bolsillos iguales. Yo dibujé la forma en una hoja de papel, la corté y la usé como molde. Haced la forma que queráis; yo me decanté por esta, más tradicional.

Elegid donde queréis poner los bolsillos, marcad el lugar con lápiz o tiza y cosed los bolsillos donde hayáis marcado.

¡¡Lucid vuestra nueva falda!!

¿Personalizais vuestra ropa en casa, mis pixels? ¿Vais a hacer esta manualidad? Si hacéis una foto de vuestra versión, ¿por que no colgarla en Instagram? Usad el hashtag #thehappiestpixel.

DIY 34: fabric garland

Hey pixels!! Yesterday we had a rainy Summer day, here in Menorca. So I spent part of the afternoon sewing this little garland. It was a funny project, and I think it’s really cute as a decoration. Perfect for that small corner of your living room, or for a dorm room at college. This is for you, college students!!! You’re welcome!!

fabric garland 2

You can also use this to decorate a child’s room or to give a touch of happiness to this little, sad corner of your house. This garland is that versatile!! I hope you’ll enjoy it. You can make it, but it’s also available at my shop on Etsy.

fabric garland 1

You’ll need:

  • sewing machine
  • a triangle or rounded template (I draw and cut mine; it’s done in 3′)
  • different fabrics (I’ve used small pieces of fabric I had at home, but you’ll need enough for at least 2 templates of each one)
  • scissors
  • white or beige satin ribbon



Using the template as a guide, cut out 2 pieces of each fabric you’re using.

Sew them together (inside out), leaving the top open.

fabric garland 4

Carefully, turn them

Once you have all your triangles done, pin and sew them to the ribbon, leaving a few inches free on each side.

fabric garland 3


How are you going to decorate your dorm room, my happy pixels? Or how did you decorate yours? Please, let me know in the comments below.


  • máquina de coser
  • patrón triangular o más redondeado (yo dibujé y corté el mío en 3′)
  • telas diferentes (he usado retales que tenía en casa, pero se necesita al menos para 2 patrones de cada una)
  • tijeras
  • cinta blanca o beige de satén


Usando el patrón como guía, corta 2 piezas de cada tela que estés usando.

Cose las dos juntas, con la parte buena de la tela hacía dentro, dejando la parte superior abierta.

Con cuidado, dales la vuelta.

Una vez tengas hechas todas tus figuras, sujétalas con agujas a la cinta, dejando unos centímetros libres en cada extremo. Cose.


¿Cómo decoraréis vuestro cuarto de estudiante? ¿O cómo lo hicisteis en su momento? Podéis dejar un comentario.