DIY 43: Autumn garland

Hey pixels!! Are you decorating your house for Autumn? Or at least making some small changes? What about a DIY garland? You can hang it over your chimney, a shelf, a pegboard…. Possibilities are endless.

leaves garland

I know you can buy a garland at the store, but why buy when you can DIY? This craft is almost free if you collect some natural leaves instead of buying them. Maybe your garland won’t last as much as a bought one, and of course you can’t keep your leaves for next year, but this is not a real problem. Leaves fall from trees every year, and they will be free next year, too.

fall leaves garland

I don’t make lots of decoration changes just because we’re in another season, just a few, including this garland. I saw the idea on a shop and I found it quite interesting. I thought that making one could be a nice weekend entertainment. This happens to me a lot: I see lovely stuff and I think how I could make my own DIY version of it. I hope I am not the only one…

You’ll need:

  • leaves (I collected mine from the street but I think you can buy some fake ones from a dollar store)
  • some kind of wool or twin (I didn’t had twin at home, so I used this white wool instead)
  • tape
  • scissors


I rolled out a long piece of white wool, tied it around the leaves, and taped the garland to my shelf!!

Are you decorating your house for Autumn? Or maybe you’re already thinking about Halloween? Are you going to make this garland? Please, let me know in the comments below.


Autumn 2017 goals

Hey pixels!! A new season is here, and this means new goals. A new list of things I want to do, because Summer goals are done. Or they should be done. I didn’t do all of them…. I hope I’ll be better doing what’s in the next list.

Now I have 3 months to start making. Yes!!!!! This is so exciting. Starting a new season is like having a new beginning, a new chance to do the things you love. A new hobby, an adventure, a travel or just learning a new skill. Everything is possible. Think about it, my happy pixels!!


Autumn 2017 goals

Learn how to crochet: I know this has been on previous lists, but this time I’m going to make it. Really. I’ve joined some crochet classes, I started them last week. I want to learn how to make some amazing stuff: pillows, scarves, a handbag and, of course, amigurumi.

Start painting again: I love painting, but I don’t have enough time/space to do it. I live in a small house, so it’s hard to find a good place to paint at home. More classes, at least I can learn more thechniques and I have a special place to develop my skills.


Design my own board game: I love board games, as you may know, my happy pixels. Now I’m planning to take my hobby to the next level: designinig my own game. Making the rules, the characthers, the board design, everything. A hard job, I know. But I hope it will be funny. Now I just can tell you a couple of things about this subject: it’s a cycling game and I hope it will be ready for Christmas, so I can play with my family as a first test. What’s the next step? A crowdfunding? Would you be interested, my happy pixels?

Learn how to make home made bread: yesterday I found an interesting book about making bread at the library. I’ve been thinking about this subject for months, and now is the moment. Summer is too warm to bake bread, but now a bit of extra warmth in the kitchen will be welcome. And the smell of the home made bread. Lovely! There will be some nice bread recipes here; soon, my happy pixels!


Keep writing my book + take part on NaNoWriMo: I tried to take part on NaNoWriMo last year but I didn’t had a good story. Now I’m writing my first book, so it will be easier. Actually I have no idea if my story is good enough or not, or if I’m writing it the proper way, so I can’t wait until November arrives. Because of the help and tips that NaNoWriMow offers to you. And to share my story for the first time with people that aren’t friends or family. I want to have some neutral opinions about it….

Finish reading+watching Harry Potter and make a dessert theme related: yesterday I saw the film of The half-blood prince. Now I want to finish reading another book I’ve just started reading. But my next one will be The Deathly Hallows. Book and two films. I’ll finish with The cursed child. The last step: cooking something. I’m not sure about what to cook yet. Do you have any suggestion, my happy pixels?



Start planning Christmas: it’s never too early to start planning the best holiday ever: Christmas!! I love Christmas: the family gatherings, food, songs, presents, sweets, and more. Planning everything is almost as fun as celebrating the holidays, so the fun can start whenever you want. Now? Perfect. I still have everything to do (and I can’t wait to start).

Do you have any goals for this Autumn, my happy pixels? What do you think about mine? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Photos source: Unsplash

DIY 42: mini photo album

Hey pixels!! A few days ago I wrote a post about the souvenirs I buy when I’m travelling. But what about a DIY one? A DIY photo album to remember your favourite moments of your last travel? I made one yesterday, it was a nice afternoon. Now it’s raining a lot and I can’t go out: maybe I’ll make another one!!

I had all the supplies for this DIY but the cardboard. Mine is pink, but you can choose your favourite colour. Oh, I printed the pictures in normal paper because I didn’t had a better one at home; I almost never print pictures at home. Honestly I almost never print my photos, I just store them at my computer. But the photos from a travel are special: I wanted some of them printed, and this mini album is so cute and adorable. I think it’s a nice way of spending a rainy weekend afternoon.

You’ll need:

  • cardboard
  • scissors, glue, pencil, ruler, eraser
  • to decor: washi tape, stamps, ink
  • your printed photos

The how to:

Draw the shape on the cardboard. My photos were 7*9cm, so I draw the squares for them a bit bigger. I draw one space for each picture plus two for the covers.

step 1 mini album

Cut and fold

step 2 mini album

Glue your pictures, one for each space. My album has 4 photos and a little map of Andorra.

Decorate: I used just some washi tape and my bike stamp.

step 4 mini album

That’s all, my happy pixels!! Just 4 easy steps!! And your mini album is done! What do you think about it? Cute, isn’t it?

Are you going to make one? It doesn’t have to be done using photos from a travel. You can make one as a gift using photos of yourself and the person who is receiving the gift, for example. Possibilities are endless!!

Please, let me know if you make one!! Thanks for reading, my happy pixels!!

My DIY Summer bucket list

Hey pixels!! A couple of days ago I shared with you the list of the recipes I want to make this Summer. But food is not everything, there are more things in life. Like crafts!! Why buy something when you can DIY?

This Summer I’ll have more time to craft than last year, and I will do it!! I have a pretty list with all the stuff I want to make!! Have a look, my happy pixels!!


Summer DIY list



Wood sign

Painting my kitchen table


DIY games


Travel related objects

And more…

What do you think about this list, my happy pixel? Do you craft on Summer? Do you miss anything important on my list? Please, let me know in the comments below.

DIY 41: how to make a coffee scented candle

Hey pixels!! Nothing says home more than a nice decor. And which decor is ready without a couple of cute candles? Candles add light and fragance to your home, and they make any situation even better.

coffee scented candle

What about making candles at home? Trust me, my happy pixels, it’s easier than you’re thinking now. It just requires a couple of steps to complete all the work. The results are great; you choose how strong is the scent, and the colour you want.

DIY coffee scented candle

Today I’ve made a coffee scented candle. Did you know that just the smell of coffee can help to activate us in the mornings? And contribute to improve our mood? It could be a great choice during our breakfasts, or if you work at home, you can burn one at that moment when you feel sleepy. Think about it, my happy pixels!!

DIY coffee scented candle 2

You’ll need:

  • 1 mason jar
  • 19-20 tablespoons wax (any kind of wax)
  • 1 cotton wick
  • 1/2 tablespoon ground coffee (it will add scent)


Make sure that your mason jar is clean enough. Before making a candle, I always clean mine with water and a neutral soap. Allow to dry completely.

Melt your wax using a double boiler. Keep in mind that wax can be difficult to clean–you may want to purchase a cheap, heat-safe pot that you designate specifically for making candles.

When wax is melted, add coffee and stirr until it’s completely dissolved.

Place a wick in the center of the candle mold.  Place it on a flat surface in a protected workspace (such as on a cookie sheet or a cutting board.) The wick should be in the center of the candle mold with about 4cm sticking out of the candle. Loop the end that will be out of the wax around the center of a pen or pencil. Rest the pen across the top of the mold you will be pouring your wax into. Make sure the wick hangs down straight into the center of the mold.

DIY coffee scented candle 3

Pour the melted wax into the mold. Pour slowly so that it does not spill over. Make sure not to knock the wick out of the mold accidentally. Wax will shrink a little once it has cooled so keep that in mind when pouring it into your molds. I usually make more wax amount and I refill the empty space a couple of hours later.

Allow the wax to cool completely. Remember to refill the empty space with more wax. If needed, reheat it using the double boiler.

When the candle is totally cool, trim the wick down to about .65cm. This will contain the flame.

Add a nice sticker, and voilà!! A cool candle with a wonderful scent!!

Note: you can make variations. Instead of coffee, you can add some other scent and colour to make lavender or orange candles, for example. I did a cinnamon one, and it smelled great, too.

Do you like candles, my happy pixels? Do you buy them or do you make them at home? Are you going to make one? Please, let me know in the comments below.

DIY 40: how to organize using wood boxes

Hey pixels!! As you may know, I’m not the most organized person ever… I’m not… I’m always trying to manage new ways to stay organized, I keep failing…


My last idea is the next one: to use nice painted wood boxes to storage my stuff in a pretty way. Maybe is not a new idea, but at least has been a nice DIY, too.


I collect my boxes from the supermarket, and I already had the paint at home. So, at least, the cost of the project has been 0€!! And painted boxes can double as a decorative item. That’s great, you just have to get many of them and buy a nice chalk paint.


I guess you can buy this kind of boxes at some shop, if you can’t find them for free. I’m not sure… Or to use any other kind. The effort is worth, I think it’s a cute DIY. Just choose your favourite colour, a brush, and start painting!! I’m sure yours will be awesome, my happy pixels!!

diy wood boxes

You’ll need:

  • wood boxes
  • chalk paint in your favourite colour: mine is vintage turquois (I had some leftovers from when we restored a piece of furniture)
  • a brush
  • optional: sandpaper


If needed, use sandpaper all over your boxes.

Paint all over the box. I painted all: sides, interior and under the boxes. All in blue. I painted first the sides and inside the box. Then, when it was dry, I painted the other side.

 Allow to dry completely. Paint a second layer if you think it’s necessary.

Do you use any kind of boxes to organize or storage your stuff? To decorate? Are you going to make this DIY? Please, let me know in the comments below.

DIY 39: positive thoughts in a jar

Hey pixels!! First day of 2017; did you had fun yesterday? I hope so, my happy pixels. The last day of the year is always special. It’s when we remember how time flies; and when we make a list of  New Year Resolutions.

But, we really complete our resolutions list or we forget it? This is why I’m proposing this DIY, my happy pixels. It’s all about positive thinking and happiness. We, people, tend to remember better all the times when we do something wrong or when we are unhappy. But we tend to forget all the good things that happens to us every day. I  want to change the game with this DIY.

How about this? If the last day of December you could read about all your best moments of the year, and remember all that happy events and thoughts you’ve had, I’m sure you would feel much better. Well, you can do it easily with this DIY. Keep reading, please!!

You’ll need:

How it works:

It can’t be easier, my happy pixels!! Just remember: when something special happens, or after a good day/moment, write it down on one of the cards. Store the card in the box/mason jar.

This way you’ll be keeping all this precious moments. Next first day of January, open the box/mason jar and read all the papers. You’ll be amazed remembering all the beautiful things that happened to you during 2017.

What do you think about this DIY, my happy pixels? Are you going to make it? Please, let me know in the comments below.