Spring break

Hey pixels!! As you may know, I started this blog some time ago, I think it was during 2015. I love blogging, I love to write and to share my recipes, the things that happen to me, how I feel…. Nothing has changed, blogging is still awesome.


But now I need a break. My first holidays as a blogger. During the next weeks I’m taking a blog holiday. This is not a goodbye, my happy pixels! I’ll start writing again after my spring break, I promise.

Actually the main reason I’m taking this break is to focus on new projects during this time. I want to improve my Youtube channel, to sew and to draw. I want to keep writing my novel. I’ll be doing another kind of stuff.

Don’t worry, I’ll be reading your blogs, so you’ll know about me. And I’ll write a post about what I’ve been doing after the break ends. Stay in touch, my happy pixels! I have a couple of new (and awesome) projects to share, but first I have to work a lot to finish them. This is my main goal right now…

Thanks for your support, my happy pixels! This blog has no sense without you. See you soon!!

Lots of love,




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