Where to get ideas for blog posts

Hey pixels!! Last Monday I wrote a new list of ideas for blog posts. Almost all the posts during the next weeks are on this list. I love writing lists. If I wrote a list called “things I love” writing lists would be on this list.


While I was writing my ideas I realized that most of times my inspiration comes from the same sources. I decided to write a post about this subject. I think I haven’t written anything similar before. I want to share them just in case I could help someone who does not know what to write. Or who is looking for more ideas. Maybe not, but I would like to help you, my happy pixels.

Probably you’re already using most of my sources. If you know another one that’s not on the list I would like to know about it. You have lots of wonderful ideas for blog posts (that’s one of the reason your blogs are amazing). This is one of the main reasons I love to blog: having a great bunch of blog friends to talk and to share some ideas and inspiration! You’re great, my happy pixels!!

desk organization

Where to get ideas for blog posts

Other blogs

Social media

Recipes from magazines

Asking friends or relatives for inspiration

Places for curator contents, like Feedly (not sponsored)

Events that happen in your daily life

A book or a film (like that time when I baked some Lembas after watching Lord of the Rings)

Is there anything new for you, my happy pixels? Does this list helps you?? I hope so.

Do you use another source for your ideas/inspiration? Do you want to share it with us? Please, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading,


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