Things I always carry in my bag

Hey pixels!! A few days ago I read a wonderful post about this subject and I decided to explain what I carry in my bag. The post was on Cheila’s blog; please, visit and follow her, she is amazing!!

Thanks for the inspiration, my lovely friend!!


Last year I wrote about what I carry in my bag while travelling. It was just before going to my summer trip, but things change a bit when I’m at my hometown. Some things are the same, but others change. Needs are not the same. So, this is what I carry when I’m not travelling.

My bag is heavy, I know. I use backpacks or large bags. Small ones are pretty but not practical enough for me….

things I always carry in my bag

My wallet. Obviously, I have to pay for my morning lattes. And it contains the most important card I own: the library card.

Keys: no need to explain…

Sunglasses: sun is always there

Smartphone + selfie stick: I used to think that selfie sticks were a dumb thing. Now I carry mine whenever I go. I changed my mind, I guess….

Agenda: to write my plans and daily stuff. Essential to organize the chaos

A small notebook: to doodle and to write if I have a new idea for a story or a post… There isn’t room enough in my agenda to write everything I want.

Pencil case: pencils, erasers, a pen or two, a highlighter…. the basics

Some basics, like tissues, make up, a couple of pads, a small pocket mirror….

A bottle of water

A snack: probably a cereal bar

Optional: umbrella, a book….

What do you think about my bag contents, my happy pixels?? What do you carry in your bags?? Please, let us know in the comments below.


  1. Bags are so handy. I don’t know how most guys just get by carrying a small wallet. It’s so handy just to be able to cram everything into a bag and go. For me, it’s always my wallet, car keys, a pen, chapstick, a couple different scented hand sanitizers, gum, my phone, usually multiple crumpled receipts since I just wind up jamming them in my bag, and sometimes a snack of some sort depending on what kind of a rush I’m in that day when I leave the house. 😛

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