March, 2018

Hey pixels!! I don’t know if march has been my busiest month this year or not. This is what I’ve been doing, or at least the most important stuff I’ve done. March has been a good month, the end of winter, a cold spring start, Easter….

street view

I feel optimistic and motivated. I feel that I’ve had a good year until now, and I’m entering into spring with lots of energy to keep up with my creative projects. I hope that everything is going to be ok.

I hope the same for you, my happy pixels!! How is going your 2018?? What have you been doing until now?? How are you??


March, 2018

I went to the spa and I had a brunch to reward myself after reaching my first two fitness goals. My plan is to receive a small prize after each 100km, to stay motivated.

My creative writing classes are over. After 3 months I’ve learnt a lot and I have some new friends. I’ve been writing here about all the stuff I’m learning, the posts will continue during april.

My board game is evolving and it has changed a lot since the first tests. We play with it every sunday, we’re creating new rules and characters, new elements are being incorporated and the game is more complex now. I think it’s evolving in a good way, at least for me. I would like to check someday if it can be properly sold….

At least someone has read my first novel draft: my mom. She loves it, and now I’ll send a small part to my creative writing teacher, to have a second opinion. I’m writing the second part of the novel now. I want to open a second blog to promote this job, but the grand opening of its own web will be during may….

I celebrated Easter with my family. I made some new recipes, like torrijas or a cheese cake. 

I’ve been painting a lot. I received a set of acrylic paints for Christmas and I’ve been painting a lot since then. I feel happy and relaxed while painting. I don’t do it for my talent, just to feel better.

My march, people. How was your March, my happy pixels?? I hope that everything is fine for you. Thanks for reading. Lots of love,



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