How to reward yourself

Hey pixels!! We’ve talked about motivation and self care in the past, but today I want to talk about the little prizes or awards that we can give to ourselfes after reaching one of our goals. Recently I bough a stationery bike and I’m doing exercise as one of my 2018 resolutions. My idea  to stay motivated is rewarding myself with little prizes after every 100km.


Today my total amount is 205km. After the first 100 I went to a spa to spent the afternoon there. It was amazing. After the first 200 I had a nice brunch. Not a weekend brunch, I had it on Thursday!! I went with a book to a cozy café and I had a latte and a mini cake.

I’ve been writing a list with more rewards. There are lots of options but I wanted them for free or at least cheap. The goal is to have fun with them, not to waste lots of money (that I don’t have…). I wanted to introduce the list to you, just in case you want to reward yourself after a hard job and you need some ideas.

butter cake

Oh, if you have a great idea, please let us know. A good idea is always welcome. I’m sure that you know how to have a good time, my happy pixels!! So, let’s share our ideas here!

List of reward ideas

Visit a spa

A latte+cake in a cozy café

Get a manicure

Buy a spring dress

Visit somewhere beautiful near your town/city

Going to a cheap/free concert

Learn a new skill

Go to a yoga/meditation class

Bake a cake

Talk with a friend or relative

Build a fort to read inside it

Read/watch Harry Potter (or your favourite book/film)

A spring DIY (like a flower crown)

What do you think about this list, my happy pixels?? Do you want to add something to the list?? Please, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!


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