My solo trip to Andorra, part 2

Hey pixels!! I was in Andorra last week, do you remember? I started explaining all the stuff I did there last Tuesday. This is the second (and last part) of the tale. Just two, I don’t want to annoy you repeating the same… It can be a bit boring when the person who has travelled can’t stop talking about what he/she did…

It was a nice trip, I had so much fun, even being alone. I chose all the things I wanted to do: activities, places where to eat, where to go, the timetable… I guess this is the main benefit of travelling alone. You can decide everything without having to negociate with someone else.

My travel activities, part 2

Archery: I went to La Massana, I had a walk through the town. After that, I took a cableway to the top of a mountain. During Winter it’s a ski station, but now you can make different Summer activities. I took some pictures of the beautiful scenery, I had lunch and I tried archery for the first time ever.

I ate a yummy savoury crepe. It was impressive to have lunch while looking at the landscape. I really enjoyed it. After that, I went to try some archery practices. I was not sure about that, but now I’m happy to have tried it. It’s more difficult than it looks, but I had fun trying. Lots of attempts and just one target. I need more practice, my happy pixels!! Next time I’ll do it better!!

Shopping: not my favourite activity, but there are lots of shops in Andorra, so I had to go and have a look! Clothes were not my style: I just bough a pink shirt with a unicorn pattern at Pull&Bear, but I bought a couple of souvenirs and books.

One of my new books, fnac Andorra

I went to fnac to have a look. I prefer this kind of shop than a clothes one: electronic stuff, games and books. Stationery, music…. I would have bought all the books available, but I don’t have an unlimited budget, and I was travelling with a small suitcase, so I could buy only four of them.

I’ll write a post about the kind of souvenirs I use to buy. Soon, my happy pixels!!

Art exhibitions: there are lots of museums to see in Andorra. But the outdoor activities are so exciting that I did not want to spent all day watching exhibitions. I went just to a cultural center, which was free to go, to see two exhibitions. One was about sculpture and the other was about pop art.

There were a couple of art shows at the street, too. An open air photography exhibition, and lots of candy sculptures on the main street.

A couple of nights I went to free concerts. They were celebrated on a square, and I really enjoyed the music.

City sightseeing: I spent time just walking and taking pictures. Is a small place, but it has beautiful corners to take some amazing photos. I tried to see as much as possible because I’m probably not coming back. I’ve been there twice: last time during Winter and now. And, of course, I try not to go to places where I’ve been before. This time I wanted to see the cyclists, and the difference between Summer and Winter on a mountain/ski place.

That’s all, my happy pixels!! I think I’ve explained to you the most interesting stuff that happened to me during my Summer trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed my two posts talking about that.

Have you travelled this Summer, my happy pixels? Are you travelling during Winter? Where are you going? Please, let me know in the comments below.


  1. We have been traveling a lot, but all within our country, and also pretty basic for the area we live in. We have been to Lake Chelan a few times this summer, and have upcoming trips schedule to New York and Washington D.C. to visit family, then later in the winter Hawaii for a wedding. I am grateful we are traveling a lot, but these are all pretty boring/standard trips if you live in the US and I want to do something unique!

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