My solo trip to Andorra, part 1

Hey pixels!! I’m back!! My holidays are over. I’m coming back to my usual lifestyle. Yesterday and today are being hard: working after a good solo trip… I think I’m going to cry…

My trip started last Friday (August, 18). I’m not going to explain every thing I did every day because this is going to be so boring, even for me. My plan is to talk about the activities I did there. They are not in cronological order; actually, the order is a bit random…. sorry about that…

My travel activities, part 1

Starbucks: I planed there my daily activities the first day, this place has been ideal to have some rest. Travelling is great, but sometimes you feel exhausted after a hard day…

Actually I almost never have the chance to go to a Starbucks (zero Starbucks at my town), and I always order the same: a tall latte. I don’t like the most sweet beverages, like frappuccinos. The coffee is good, but sometimes I think it’s a bit expensive; if I find another good café, I prefer to go there than to the Starbucks…

Cycling: This was my main reason to make this travel. The stage 3 arrived to Andorra and the next stage departure was from there, too. I love watching cyling on tv, but being there is even better. Just for having a better look at the cyclists, the travel was worth… This is not the last time I travel to watch a race…

If you have a look at my Instagram (see link on the side menu), you’ll find more pictures and videos, including a video of my favourite cyclist (he is great). I had to wait for hours to be able to have a good spot to watch the end of the stage, but it’s the best!! Now I’m planning which race is the next one I want to see…

Ordino: It’s a small town with a nice park and beautiful old streets. I spent almost a day in Ordino, walking and taking some pictures. I had lunch at the park, while writing and doodling. I found it so relaxing.

I love to  see lots of things while travelling. There are less people in Ordino, it’s quiet and pretty. No one annoys you, even if you spent an hour sitting on the same park spot. I enjoyed the shadow of a tree while eating a sandwich and writing my travel diary. During this week I completely forgot the book I’m writing; I did not want to think about my daily life at all, just enjoy and relax, please….

Caldea: talking about a relaxing morning, this is the place, my happy pixels… Caldea is a famous spa located in Andorra. No, they are not paying me to write about it… but I should say that I love this place. Maybe the ticket is not cheap, but it’s worth. Probably I’m not coming back, so I used every thing they have, from the swimming pool to the sauna.

They give you a welcome fruit juice when you arrive (I chose a pineapple/coconut one), and they offered me a free mindfulness session. It was so fun, because we were playing some games, and because I met new people from different places while doing it.

I spent a lot of time there, I was starving when I finally had a shower and went to eat something. Pizza, of course, and my favourite dessert, a dark chocolate coulant. Not so healthy…

And that’s the first part about my travel activities. What do you think about them, my happy pixels? Have you ever been to Andorra? What do you usually do when you’re travelling? There is something special that you love to do? Please, let me know in the comments below.


    • Thank you, my happy pixel!! Yes, it’s a lovely place, small and peaceful. I love it! And cycling was great, the races are even better when you’re watching them in person. Not the last time, I promise, I loved to see the cyclists so near to me!! 😉

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