5 things you should carry in your bag while travelling

Hey pixels!! Are you travelling this Summer? I’m writing a new post series about travelling due to my Summer trip this month. I’m counting the days!!

This post is about some stuff I always carry in my bag when I’m travelling. Not my suitcase, but my handbag. I add this 5 things to the ones I already carry when I’m at home (well, I always carry a notebook, even while not travelling). I’ve found out that having the next things near me can make things easier sometimes.

What I carry on my bag while travelling

My 5 travel essentials

Bottle of water. It’s important to drink about 1.5-2 liters every day, and it’s easy to not do it while travelling. To avoid dehydration I always carry a bottle of water with me. Pro tip: bring an empty bottle with you from home and refill it every day; this way you’ll save a lot. Even water is expensive sometimes.

Some snacks. It’s the same as the previous but with food. Go to a local supermarket and buy some treats to take with you. If you feel hungry but you don’t feel going to a fancy and expensive café, or if you’re far from everything (hiking on a forest, for example), just take one out of your bag and eat. You won’t regret bringing food with you.

basic travelling essentials

A notebook and a pen. Do you remember why you should always carry a notebook? This is the same, more or less, but better. Travelling is inspiring. Write or doodle about what you’re living: the places you’re visiting, the new food you’re eating, this fancy drink you’ve never tasted before, a local story you’ve been told…. I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget about this kind of wonderful stuff if I don’t write about it.

My camera. I take pictures of almost everything I see. Yes, I’m this kind of person who takes about 200 pictures every day while travelling. So, of course, my camera is always in my bag. Just make sure that it has its battery enough charged to last all day.

basic travelling


A map of the place where I am. You can get one for free in most hotels or in the local information points. I know that our smartphones have maps and all that stuff, but a real map needs no battery to work. And you can use it to make some nice DIY after your adventure.

What do you carry inside your handbag while travelling, my happy pixels? Do you have any tip to share with us? Please, let us know in the comments below.

Photos source: mine and from Unsplash


  1. I always take a bottle of water–I get so dehydrated during travel, it just zaps the energy out of me. My favorite trick is taking an empty water bottle through TSA security and then filling it up once I get into the terminal. Love this post!!

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