A new cultural center is opening…

Hey pixels!! Last weekend we had some kind of cultural week here, with a couple of new art exhibitions, and activities at a new center that is not ready to open always, but it did for two days. We had music, dance and cinema, between other stuff during all Friday and Saturday.

starry night

I visit some of the exhibitions; some of them were located outside this center, which used to be a private house. Last Saturday night I went to the center with my mom and my cousin and we saw one of the art exhibitions located there, the end of a concert and a film.

The exhibition was composed by old photos of our town and some vintage objects. It has a small part about archeology because they found some antique tombs while restoring the place. It used to be a kind of small palace and it’s so old. Actually my town has been inhabited for a couple of thousand years, so it’s difficult to restore something or even to make public works without some archeological finds involved.


The film was On the milky Β road, by Emir Kusturica (2016). It’s a weird film, if you ask me. It is a three-part narrative following selected critical periods in the life of a man and his country, from a time war, to when he falls in love. I really enjoy it. I think it’s so good. We saw it on the house patio.

It was a pleasant night. The weather was fantastic, it was a warm starry night, perfect to watch a good film outside. We had fun.

patio archway

I know it’s been almost a whole week since this happened, but I’ve been very busy. I wanted to talk about this anyway.

What do you think? Have you seen this film, my happy pixels? Do you have similar art centers in your city/town? Please, let me know in the comments below.


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