How to take better travel photos

Hey pixels!! We’re talking about travelling again!! Yes!!! My Summer trip is getting closer, and I can’t help but thinking about travel related stuff. One of my favourite activities when I’m travelling is taking pictures. I love it! I take pictures of everything I find interesting or beautiful. More than one photo of the same thing, you know, from different perspectives and angles, and I tend to repeat the photo, just in case… Thanks for the digital cameras, if I had an analogic one, I would spent all my money just revealing my 400 photos after each trip…

travelling pictures

I’m not a professional photographer, I just do my best. I love taking photos and trying to get better at it. That’s why I’ve been looking for some interesting tips. I would like to come back from my trip with a couple of decent photos (please, instead of a couple, read 700).

I’ll be practicing a bit the next couple of weeks, before departing to my adventure. A good tip is nothing if it’s just theory. I will take some photos, just to improve my skills before the big week outside home. This is so exciting, my happy pixels!!

tram picture

And, of course, I want to share my new theorical photography knowledge with you. This way, you can practice, too!! Even if you’re not travelling anywhere this Summer, you can practice and improve your skills. I’m sure you have fabulous spots to take pictures near your homes.

So, let’s start!!

How to take better travel photos

Use a real camera instead of your phone’s one. You don’t need a professional or a really expensive one: more than the camera are the photographer’s skills that count. You can have the best camera and still have no idea about how to use it. If you are interested on invest tons of money in a good one, I suggest taking a photography classes, they will be really useful.


Care about composition, framing and that kind of stuff. The central object in the photo should attract the atention at the first sight, and the composition should be balanced. I could write a couple of posts just about this two subjects, but I’m not a professional, so I’m not going to do. Everything you should know is that practice makes perfect, so keep shooting your camera, and things will improve. But don’t get obsessed with that stuff.

Never take just a single photo. I mean, take more than one. If you fall in love with something, for example, the view from a bridge, take more than one photo. Take twenty if you think you need to. Try different angles, even you could shoot one in black and white, just to see the difference.

snowy road

The rule of thirds. This rule requires you to break an image into three equal parts either vertically, horizontally or both. The goal is to place key compositional elements into those thirds. You want to avoid splitting the image half and half, as it won’t look as good.

Be creative. Look for inspiration, but have your own ideas. Don’t worry about the quality of the idea or if it’s good enough for Instagram. The most important point is to have fun. You can’t plan ahead all the photos you’re going to take, just live the moment and the inspiration will come to you!!


Edit your photos. The result will be always a bit better. Again, you don’t have to invest lots of money, since they are free programs or apps that allow you to edit your photos in a nice way. For phone photos, I use vsco; a free pc program is, for example, gimp. Or even pixlr, where you can edit your pictures online without downloading a specific program. (This post is not sponsored, really).

Share the results. Write a nice blog post (as I will do, my happy pixels), share some pics on your social media. Let your friends see your work. Explain the story behind each pic, and this will be even more interesting.

And that’s all! Just enjoy taking pictures, my happy pixels!!

Did you find my tips interesting? Are you going to practice them a bit? Are you travelling this Summer? Please, let me know in the comments below. And enjoy your pictures!!

Photos source: Unsplash





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