July highlights, 2017

Hey pixels!! July is over, you know. So I’m starting a new monthly section, where I’ll share with you my best Instagram pics and the things I’ve done during the last month. Now we’re talking, of course, about July.

I have more pictures than the ones I’ve posted on Instagram. But you’ll find most of them there.

Things I’ve done:

I watched le tour of France. Of course. Life wouldn’t be the same without watching le tour. (Guess who won: my favourite cyclist!!!)

I’ve been playing lots of board games. I use to play with my two cousins. This month: TIME stories and Legends of Andor

I’ve started writing my first book!!! I’ve already written about 12.000 words!! One of my life goals is to write a book, and now I’m doing it!! (More details soon)

Writing my first book

I’ve been going to the beach after work. Not every day, just a couple of times every week. I guess it’s great to have a beach at the end of my street. Not the best beach ever, but good enough.

I bought plane tickets and booked a hotel for my Summer trip. I haven’t travelled for a while and now I need this little holiday more than ever. Looking forward to it!!

I went to the local cinema festival. It’s just a week with films being played on different open air scenarios, like a square or the market. I went there several nights, and I should say that I enjoyed all the films (well, not the last one, it was a bit boring for me)

And that’s all!! My July highlights. What do you think about them, my happy pixels? How was your July? Are you enjoying this Summer? Please, let me know in the comments below.



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