Productivity: Why you should always carry a notebook

Hey pixels!! This post is all about notebooks! I always carry a notebook with me, whenever I go: to take a coffee, to the cinema, while travelling… Lots of creative people do the same. Probably my life is different than their lifes, but I still carry my notebook always.


I love notebooks and stationery. It always has happened to me: I can spent hours  looking at notebooks and cute pencils at a shop, even if I’m not buying anything… This post is not sponsored, and it’s not about the kind of notebook you should buy. It’s not that at all. I just wanted to talk to you about why I carry a notebook and all the benefits my notebooks have had for me. I wanted to share that with you, my happy pixels, just in case I could help someone to start carrying a notebook.


Why you should carry a notebook

Ideas can emerge anytime. I don’t know about you, my happy pixels, but if I have an idea when I’m not at home and I don’t write about this idea, even a few words, probably I’ll forget about it. This is the main reason to carry a notebook: you’ll never forget your great ideas again. You’ll be able to work on them whenever you are.

You could write about your ideas using a phone app, I know; but writing on paper it’s a way to keep your cognitives abilities running smoothly and a good way to absorb more information. You just remember better what you’ve written if it’s written by hand.

notebooks 2


A notebook has no restrictions. A productivity app has its limits. A blank paper allows you to show your creativity in an unlimited way. Actually your imagination is the only limit. Be creative, my happy pixels!!

It’s more difficult to get distracted when you work on your notebook. A sheet of paper has no notifications when you receive a mail or a like on Instagram. It’s hard to concentrate if you’re constantly receiving messages that require your attention.

notebook 3

A notebook is everything: an agenda, a place for doodling, a space to write your lists or your future novel. It can be a gratitude journal, a place where you copy your favourite motivational quotes, a place where you write a new recipe… Or you can print and glue nice pictures to its pages. Creativity has no end, you’ll have even more if you use it.

And this is why I always carry a notebook, my happy pixels. I love doodling and writing, and I use my smarphone just to take or edit pictures. I don’t know if this works for you, but why not giving notebooks a chance?

Do you carry a notebook with you, my happy pixels? Do you have another way to write about your ideas? Please, feel free to leave us a comment.

Photos source: Unsplash



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