Hey pixels!! Today we’re having another post about a cool soup. The last one was our red pepper soup. I’m posting too many soup recipes?? I don’t know, my happy pixels. I just can say that I love soup, and I can’t stop eating it just because it’s Summer….


This is a classic recipe, famous worldwide. My version is not exactly like the traditional one: it’s lighter and vegetarian/vegan. The only difference is to use whole milk or soy cream. This is up to you: just choose between this two options. If you don’t eat dairy choose the soy cream.

vichyssoise 2

I love this recipe. It has a nice taste and a soft texture. I think it’s amazing. A great starter. Today I ate it for lunch, and after that I ate a vegan burger. A yummy and inexpensive lunch. How was your lunch, my happy friends?

vichyssoise 3

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 1/2 sweet onion, chopped
  • 4 leeks, sliced
  • 2 large potatos, peeled and cubed
  • 700 ml vegetable stock
  • 1/4 cup whole milk/soy cream for a vegan version
  • olive oil, salt
  • bread croutons to garnish


Cook onion in olive oil for about 5-6′. Add leeks and cook 3-4′ more. Add potatos and continue cooking 3-4′.

Pour stock and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 30′, until potatos are tender. Blend until smooth. Add the milk/cream and cook about 5′, so it thickens a little.

Remove from heat and allow to cool at least one hour before serving. Garnish with some bread croutons. If you want your soup colder, you can make it the day before or just a few hours before eating. But I think it’s better if it’s still a bit warm.

Do you like Vichyssoise, my happy pixels? Do you make it at home? Are you going to try this recipe? Please, let me know in the coments below.




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