Benefits of travelling alone

Hey pixels!! As you may know, I love travelling. It’s one of my favourite activities!! Travelling has lots of benefits:  learning new stuff, discovering a new place, meeting new people, etc. Usually we tend to travel with other people; lots of people tend to think that travelling alone is boring or less exciting. Well, this is not true at all: travelling alone has its own benefits, too.


I traveled solo to Berlin a couple of years ago, and the experience was amazing. Next month I’m travelling solo again. This is why I’m writing this post: to share with you the tips I learned during my first solo trip (21 days). I should say that it was not boring at all. I took some German classes, I met people from around the world during my classes, I did some activities, I went to museums and visit a couple of small cities near Berlin…. Now I’m going to have less time, just 7 days, but I’m planning to get the most of them.

I’ll tell you more details about my trip activities, my happy pixels. I’m planning a post series about them. This will be in a month. My destination is Andorra, just in case I had not mentioned yet…

Travelling alone: benefits 

You learn to be alone. Alone time is healthy, but we rarely appreciate it. We are always surrounded by people, noise and our daily problems. Being alone in another place is, for me, the fastest way to forget all my problems and concentrate just in enjoying my trip.


Freedom to choose all the activities. I mean that you choose everything. The place you’re travelling, the hotel, where do you want to eat, the daily activities… Actually one of the reasons I’ve chosen Andorra is this one. I went there with 2 friends many years ago, and I had to negociate everything, because they had another idea of how the trip had to be. Now I want to repeat this trip my own way, just doing the things I really want to do.

It’s cheaper because of the previous reason. You simply can adjust your budget going to cheap places or chosing the free museum. That will mean you are saving money for your next adventure!!

It will boost your confidence. Being able to make everything it has to be done on your own is a great source of satisfaction. The experience of travelling alone will challenge your limits and ability to cope with obstacles on the way which will make you a stronger person. You’ll realize that you can do everything you want. I feel extra motivated when I come back home after a travel, always.

A photo by David Marcu.


You’ll apreciate better the destination. You don’t get distracted by your usual travel mates, so you can concentrate your efforts in looking what’s going on and taking pictures of it. Forget your selfie stick at home: better take pictures of a beautiful building or landscape. It does not matter if you’re not on every picture you take, and this little step will be a giant one on improving your observation skills.

You’ll have time to do more things. When I travel solo I tend to get up and start my day earlier. That’s because I don’t like to go out at night, so I have dinner and go to bed early. But this way I have more hours to make daily activities, and trust me, my happy pixels, I use all of them.

And last, but not least, there is something liberating about travelling to a place where no one knows who you are. I feel free to be myself.

Do you travel solo, my happy pixels? Are you planning a Summer trip? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Photos source: Unsplash


  1. Hey Silvia, how are you? Travelling solo is a great way to slip into your environment and take in a new place without getting distracted by a companion. Though I think one of the best rewards for me while travelling alone has been to meet and see places with strangers. For example, I ended up seeing Dresden with a English-French girl called Sophie and Granada with a German woman called Sonja. Those random conversations and seeing a city with a complete stranger are such highs in my book.

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  2. Loved this post❤ I’ve never actually thought about travelling solo before, wayyy too much for such a shy person like me! But it would be amazing🙂

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    • Usually I don’t have the money, too. I’ve been saving for ages before buying the tickets…
      I guess the destination depends on your tastes. Personally I would choose a city or a place with a wide range of activities which you can do on your own. I go to the mountains because there I’ll be able to go to a spa, to make an excursion or to just visit the town. I think it will be great.


  3. I completely agree with everything you’ve said. Travelling alone is such an liberating thing and doing everything at your own pace is so much better than being forced into this or that.
    I’ve recently done my first solo trip to Rome & I can’t can’t wait to go to Marseille next month!
    Everyone that says it’s boring doesn’t appreciate how much you can enjoy your own company.

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  4. Hey, really enjoyed reading your blog! Nice to hear your experience of travelling alone, I’m moving to New Zealand alone in the next few weeks and am looking forward to the whole experience. It will be my first time travelling solo so it’s nice to hear your positive take on it 😎

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    • Thanks for reading, my happy pixel!! I came back from Andorra yesterday (a week travelling solo), and I must say it has been wonderful!
      Wow, I would like to go to New Zealand, I’m sure you’ll have a great time there! I want to know more about your experiences there.
      Have fun, my happy pixel!! 😄😄


  5. Solo travelling is definitely something I do quite often – although it’s also nice to travel with others at times too! Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

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