Productivity: how to keep your desk organized

Hey pixels!! As I told you, today it’s the beginning of our new post series: organization and productivity. Everything began when I decided to start my own business, so before really doing it I want to organize all I can. This post series is all about the baby steps I’m doing. I’m explaining them just in case someone wants to do the same, so I hope this will help…


This weekend I realized that my work desk is a mess. I know, some people says that a messy desk is a sign of creativity. No idea about if this is true or not, but a messy desk also means that you’re not always able to find what you need for work, or even a free space to work… Maybe you’ll need some kind of organization, besides how creative you are.

I don’t know how your desk is: big, small, with lots of drawers and spaces or not… But I think this general tips will work.


How to keep your desk organized:

  • Designate a place for everything. And keep everything on its place. Pens, sharpies, notebooks…. all you use. Store it properly: if you almost never use a thing, its place is inside a drawer. If you use something daily, keep it on the desk, near to you. Use caddies, a mug for your pens… whatever it works for you. (Maybe someday I’ll make a post about this point)
  • This is specially important with papers. I don’t know why, we tend to use less paper, but, almost for me, it’s impossible not to use paper at all.  And paper is the worst: a desk covered by papers is always messy. Have a special place for them, and make sure to get rid of all them when you don’t need them anymore.
  • Have a bin near your desk, so you can throw away your trash. If you have to stand up and walk, all this trash will remain on your desk.
  • Reduce even more your paper trash by scanning the ones you need or eliminating unnecessary suscribtions.
  • Clean your desk daily. When you finish working, clean and organize a bit. If everything it’s on its place you’ll feel better and starting your work the next day will be more pleasant. It’s stressful to start your day facing a desk full of things that you don’t use at all and having to clean it.
  • Schedule a regular cleaning time, to clean your desk accurately. Maybe once a month is enough, or two. Make sure that you throw away all the unncessary papers and things that are useless, like that pen who does not write well… If you clean your desk daily, this will take just 10′ or less.

desk organization 3

Do you have your desk organized? Do you have any tip to share with us? What do you think about this post, my happy pixels? Please, let us know in the comments below.

Photos source: Unsplash



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