My Summer Shoe Collection (inspired by Cheila and Angela)

Hey pixels!! I saw similar posts at Cheila and Angela blogs, and I thought that both were awesome, so here I’m, showing my shoes to you!!

Actually, I’m not that kind of woman who has hundreds of shoes. I just have the number of pairs I need, and I use them for years… For the post I selected my favourite ones, but I have just 2-3 more… Really.

You’ll notice that:

  • my feet are small
  • I don’t use high heels (being comfy it’s the most important for me, even when I’m not that tall…)

My Summer shoes

golden sandals
My golden sandals, I bought them last year. Comfy and nice. I love them.
blue sneakers
One of the presents I received last year for my birthday. Lovely, and they can be washed using the washing machine: perfect!!
red sneakers
I’ve had this red sneakers for a couple of years, and they were so cheap… But I love the colour, and this pretty & small pattern
blue slippers
To stay at home! Slippers are important, too. From this year Spring sales, my mom bought them for me!
brown sandals
Another birthday gift (yes, I receive more things than just shoes…) I haven’t used this pair yet, they are new!!
cangrejeras, beach shoes
And last, but not least: my beach shoes!! I had exactly the same model as a child, now I have my adult pair in blue. Ok, I have two pairs…. But they were so cheap….

That’s all, my happy pixels!! What do you think about my shoes? Do you love shoes? How are your shoes?

I tend to buy cheap shoes, usually on sales. Or I ask shoes as a present for birthdays, for example… Do you buy cheap or expensive shoes?

I would like to see your shoes, my friends!! Let me know if you make this post!! And tag Cheila and Angela, too, please!!

Thanks for reading. Lots of love,




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