My 2017 recipes bucket list

Hey pixels!! Last year I wrote about my Summer goals, do you remember? Now I want to write about all the recipes I want to make during the next 3 months.

My 2017 goals are, more or less, the same. I love doing this activities during Summer. And learning new recipes is one of my favourites!! I’ve never made the recipes on my list, so they are perfect now. I need to use the oven to make a couple of them, so let’s say I’ll make them on rainy days (like this morning).


I’m a bit afraid when I think about macarons. It’s a terrifying recipe: lots of things can go wrong…. It’s not as easy and quick as macarrons… I’ll watch tones of tutorials before trying… But my goal is to make macarons for France National Day: in a couple of weeks. I’m afraid, my happy pixels….

My Summer recipes

pasta & cheese salad

mini vegetable pies

baked camembert

Summer lassagna

a couple of cold soups

s’mores cake


custard cake


baked Alaska

white chocolate mousse

The list will get longer, my happy pixels. I’m always finding new recipes to try. I think this is great, because eating always the same is so boring…

Do you miss any recipe on my list, my happy pixels? Do you have any suggestion? Do you have your own list? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Photo source:Β Unsplash




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