This should be my weekly schedule + 2 free printables

Hey pixels!! Sorry to not have posted in a few days… I was working hard making my new working schedule. I have some breaking news, my lovely friends. I’m thinking seriously to quit my job to start my own business. A crafty, creative business. I want to sell my art. I want to reopen my Etsy shop to sell it there. I want to improve this blog. I want to write a book. I want to live my life.


I don’t want a boring job anymore. Never. Please. I’ve worked for others all my life, and I know I don’t like it. I simply don’t enjoy it. Having a life that’s not yours, that’s not the life you want is terrible, my happy pixels. And I don’t want this feeling anymore.

I know I’ve mentioned tons of things I want to do, but the most important now is my Etsy shop, named after this blog, which is closed now because my lack of time and energy to paint and to run it. This is going to change, I promise, my happy pixels.

weekly scedule picture

To start, and to encourage myself, I’ve spent the last few days thinking about what exactly I would make if I have enough time to do it. How I would manage my time.

I made a list of the basic things that I would have to do every week, and the best way to do them. I managed to include them all in a weekly schedule. I decided that every day I should do 2-3 important things that allow me to reach my goals. Because, you know, my happy pixels, big goals are easier if you break them into smaller steps. 

This is (more or less) the result, my happy pixels!!

weekly schedule (1)


Note: I should workout 3-4 times…

If you love this schedule and you want to have it to fill it with your own activities, you can download it for free. I did a daily one, too, to make easier the daily organization. Click here to have your own schedule / daily Planner

This has been just the first step in the right direction. More steps are coming. And more posts are coming, too!! I’m going to encourage myself and other people who are in the same situation by writing about the process: how to manage your shop, how to set a daily routine, how to motivate yourself…. I hope it will be useful, my happy pixels!!

Have you ever thought about changing your life? About working as a freelance? Are you interested in this kind of posts? If you would like to read a post about a particular subject, please, let me know, and if possible, I’ll write it.

Thanks for reading, my happy pixels! And sorry for the long post! You’re lovely!!

Lots of love,


First picture source: Unsplash



  1. As someone who has had her own business, just go for it 🙂 I’m glad you are organizing everything before you start, that’s the best way. I love reading this type of post so keep them coming. Organization and schedules are one of my favorite topics.

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