The Happiest Award

Hey pixels!! A couple of days ago, I got my first 500 followers!! Now our happy community has 515 members!! Thank you, my happy pixels!! You make my blog better. Without your support, writing here would have no sense.

To celebrate this happy event, I’ve created this award. I was a bit afraid: maybe it’s too soon to create an award… But I was so excited I couldn’t resist the temptation. So, here it is: the first Happiest Award!! It’s all about happiness and to be thankful, so you can spread the happiness all over the Internet!!

I’ve answered my own questions, so you can see how it works. I hope you enjoy this award, my happy pixels!! Thanks again!

the happiest award

The rules

  • Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link to her blog
  • Name the award creator and provide a link to her blog
  • Share the rules
  • Share the award logo
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 5-15 people
  • Share your favourite blog post (from your blog)
  • Notify the people that you have nominated that you have nominated them

The questions

This award is about happiness, so all the questions are related to it.

Why not talking about the things that make us happy? Can you tell us your favourite…

  • place: my favourite café
  • film/tv show: Annie Hall/ The big bang theory
  • song: actually I don’t have a favourite one
  • activity: riding my bike
  • drink: coffee with milk
  • food: pasta, cheese and chocolate
  • holiday: Christmas
  • book: lots of them. To name just one: The name of the rose (Umberto Eco)

Name 3 things that make you happy.

  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Eurovision

My favourite post

Red tea cake

My nominees

  1. Bea Free
  2. Cheila
  3. BusyBee
  4. Glueckgeist
  5. All day I eat
  6. Ignited Moth
  7. Abbey Co
  8. Gluecrafted
  9. Courtney Livingston
  10. A little Swiss, a little Canadian
  11. but I love all my followers, so you’re all nominated
  12. and I really want to spread my happiness, so I nominate also every blogger who is reading this post

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post!! Thanks for reading.

Please, let me know if you do it!! I would like to read your answers. Lots of love,





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