May Share & Inspire: “D”

Hey pixels!! How are you? My lovely friend Esmé has included my Darth Vader cookies recipe into her May Share & Inspire post!! Please, check her amazing blog!!

This month is about recipes with their names starting with the letter D: I’m not sure if you remember our Darth Vader cookies. 

darth vader cookies

Here is a link to Esmé’s beautiful post, so you can see all the awesome recipes!!

Thanks for reading, my happy pixels!!

Lots of love,



9 thoughts on “May Share & Inspire: “D””

      1. Definitely! My favorite character for some reason is Darth Vader but my favorite movie is Episode 1 The Phantom Menace (because it’s actually when I started watching lol).

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      2. My favourite charachters are Darth Vader and Yoda. A strange combination, I know… 🙂 I prefer the older films, because I watched them when I was a child. But actually I like all of them!! 😉

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