DIY 40: how to organize using wood boxes

Hey pixels!! As you may know, I’m not the most organized person ever… I’m not… I’m always trying to manage new ways to stay organized, I keep failing…


My last idea is the next one: to use nice painted wood boxes to storage my stuff in a pretty way. Maybe is not a new idea, but at least has been a nice DIY, too.


I collect my boxes from the supermarket, and I already had the paint at home. So, at least, the cost of the project has been 0€!! And painted boxes can double as a decorative item. That’s great, you just have to get many of them and buy a nice chalk paint.


I guess you can buy this kind of boxes at some shop, if you can’t find them for free. I’m not sure… Or to use any other kind. The effort is worth, I think it’s a cute DIY. Just choose your favourite colour, a brush, and start painting!! I’m sure yours will be awesome, my happy pixels!!

diy wood boxes

You’ll need:

  • wood boxes
  • chalk paint in your favourite colour: mine is vintage turquois (I had some leftovers from when we restored a piece of furniture)
  • a brush
  • optional: sandpaper


If needed, use sandpaper all over your boxes.

Paint all over the box. I painted all: sides, interior and under the boxes. All in blue. I painted first the sides and inside the box. Then, when it was dry, I painted the other side.

 Allow to dry completely. Paint a second layer if you think it’s necessary.

Do you use any kind of boxes to organize or storage your stuff? To decorate? Are you going to make this DIY? Please, let me know in the comments below.



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