The Real Net Blog Award

Hey pixels!! How is everyone doing today? Today I am blogging about yet another award, I’ve been nominated by my lovely friend Bea, from Bea Free.  Thank you so much Bea, for choosing me as one of your nominees, I greatly appreciate it! Please, check her blog and give her so many follows and likes!! She’s awesome!!

the real net blog award


  • Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions asked.
  • Nominate seven more bloggers for the award.
  • Create seven questions for your nominees.


For you, what is the best time of day?

My favourite is when I can relax and make something I love, like having a cup of coffee, reading, riding my bike or watching cycling. It does not matter the time, just what I’m doing. Today, for example, I’ll be watching the giro d’Italia first stage . Hooray!!

Are you a planned and organized person or a bit chaotic and disorganized?

Planned and organized. I love planning everything, from my daily routine to weekly menus. I just can’t live a chaotic life, but I can change my plans if I need to. 😉

Do you prefer silence or constant noise?

Usually I prefer silence. Or my favourite music playing or a lovely conversation with someone I appreciate. But noises like traffic, loud music or being in a place full of people speaking aloud are not my favourites…

Do you have a quick go to meal you enjoy eating on really busy days? If so, what is it?

A good quick go to meal would be a sandwich, or a nice potato salad. A yummy but simple to make recipe that is still good a couple of hours before making it. That’s perfect!!

Do you prefer to eat out or cook food yourself?

I prefer to cook myself. Not just because you save lots of money, but because I cook every recipe according to my preferences.  And because I can try new recipes to share with you, my happy pixels!!

What is your ideal dream job?

One that allows me to develope my creative skills: blogging, painting, writing, photographing or disegning. I love any of this activities, and if I could turn any of them in my job would be awesome.

How far do you want your blog to go?

As far as it can go. I’m working to improve it every day, since blogging is nowadays one of my favourite activities. I want to grow my number of followers, guest posts…. and to have fun doing it, of course. I love this blog!! And to have a blogging community!


  1. Do you have any obsessions?
  2. What is your favourite movie?
  3. Where is your favourite place you have ever visited?
  4. Who inspires you?
  5. How long have you been blogging?
  6. What is your favourite post you have shared on your blog?
  7. What’s your favourite food?


  1. Out and About
  2. Tiny Potager
  3. Francis and Anna
  4. Ivy Cottage Web
  5. Kali Borovic
  6. Boo Whole Foods
  7. Mitty Committee

Congratulations, my happy pixels!! Please, let me know if you accept the award. I would like to read your answers!!

Thanks for reading. Lots of love,




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