Get to know: Sílvia (I’ve been interviewed!!)

Hey pixels!! I’ve been interviewed by my good friend Bea, from Bea Free!! I feel so happy!! Thank you, Bea! Please, check her blog, it’s amazing!!

It has been an awesome experience, the questions are so good, and I hope that my answers will, too…

easter bread

I love to chat with my blogger friends, and to let you know a bit more about myself. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview, my happy pixels!!

I leave you here the first part of our interview. You can read Bea’s original post here, including the rest of the questions. Thanks again for this interview, Bea. You’re amazing!!


Name: Sílvia
Nickname: I don’t have one, but I suppose now I can say my blog name as one
Occupation: I work for an insurance company; and, of course, blogger. Oh and I’ve always wanted to be a writer
Nationality: Spanish
Country currently living in: Spain

formatjades de carn



Favorite book?
I don’t have a favourite one, since I’ve enjoyed so many books. To name a few, The name of the rose (Umberto Eco), Harry Potter (Rowling) or 1Q84 (Murakami).
Favorite genre of film?
My favourite film is Annie Hall, I love this film. But there are also more films that I love, like Life of Bryan or Schindler’s list.
Favorite scent?
Lavender: it has a wonderful scent. My second choice would be strawberry scent. But also the scent of books it’s awesome. I love how they smell.
Favorite thing to do on a Friday evening?
Having a walk and buying the groceries I need to cook my weekend meals. Sometimes, if I need clothes or a new pair of shoes, I go to my favourite shops. But just if I need something. Visiting a museum is also a good idea.
Favorite place you’ve visited?
I love every place I’ve visited because the nice moments and the beautiful things I’ve seen. Everywhere you can discover amazing small places, new food and having fun moments. I think I can’t choose one.

You can visit Bea’s blog to read the second part of the interview.

What do you think about my answers, my happy pixels? Have you ever been interviewed? Please, let me know in the comments below.


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