The Blue Sky Tag

Hello everyone, how is all going?I’ve been nominated by my friend Bea, from Bea Free to my first Blue Sky Tag!! I couldn’t be more excited!! This is awesome!!

blue sky tag

I would recommend that everyone go on over to Bea’s blog and give her a massive follow because she’s a great blogger!!


  • Give 11 questions
  • Tag 11 people
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you


Can you describe your ideal home?

I would like to live in a nice house with a garden, not in a flat like now. I would have my house really well decorated, with lots of DIY stuff. I would eat outside when temperatures would be warm enough. Maybe a small swimming pool for Summer, but I’m not sure because swimming is not my favourite activity (actually I don’t like swimming so much)… But my garden Summer parties would get better if I had one, so….

What were some of your favorite childhood TV programs?

I was a bit geek, I think: Dragon Ball, Doraemon, Ninja Turtles…. I loved all of them.

Do you have an special talents?

My answer depends on your definition of talent. Reading counts as a talent? I don’t know, I would say I’m a creative person, but I want to keep improving my creative talents. A good one I would like to have is to play a musical instrument. Or to sing well.

Did you play sports growing up? Do you play sports now?

No, I’m not keen on sports. I just ride my bike from time to time, but short rides. I think I’m the worst cyclist ever… but I still love riding my bike.

What is a daily life routine for you?

Waking up, my OOTD and some make up, having breakfast and riding my bike to work. I use my free time to write my blog, to watch cycling on tv, to have a coffee with family and friends…. From time to time, a bit of exercise. Going to the cinema sometimes. And reading at night, before going to sleep.

Are you spontaneous or do you prefer to have things planned out?

Things planned out. Always. I  love planners, agendas and all kind of stationery. I plan carefully every day, and I change my plans if something happens. Maybe I should change my previous answer: planning is a talent? If so, I’m so talented!!

What did you find most difficult about school?

Maths, I found them so boring that I could not concentrate on them for more than 5′. And Physical Education, because we just played sport teams, and I’m so bad playing them.

Have you ever gotten a hair color or hair cut that you absolutely hated?

Yes, when I was a teenager. My hair was too short. Too. Short. Never again.

Do you have a favorite candy?

Chocolate. I love it! Chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate…. the best sweet ever. My second one: marshmallows. So, next we’ll have some s’mores pies here…

Winter or summer?

Winter. I live in an island where Summer is too hot and humid, so it’s difficult even to sleep. But Winters are not that cold, so I choose Winter.

What is one materialistic item you cannot live without?

Books, my bike, my computer, my smartphone…. I think I’m more materialistic than I thought… I can’t think in just one item.


  1. How old are you?
  2. What is the best change you have ever made to your lifestyle?
  3. Do you still have your grandparents? Tell me something about them.
  4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  5. Tell me something about your first day of school?
  6. Do you own a car? Which one? Do you have a dream car? Which one?
  7. Can you sing or dance? Or both?
  8. Do you miss someone right now?
  9. Is there something you regret doing in the last few months?
  10. Tell me about a famous woman or man who inspires you.
  11. What’s a controversial opinion that you have?


ALL OF YOU! I’m serious, everyone who reads this place answer my questions and tell me so that I can go on over and read! I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say!

Thanks for reading!! Lots of love,




  1. When I was a kid, I also had short hair for the longest time that I can remember, and I used to be dressed up in my brother’s hand-me-down trousers, so much so that people often mistook me for a chubby little boy. It took me years to get over my aversion to short hair and trousers. And oh boy, I get your Maths reply. Was it not a wonderful day when you realised you did not have to sit down for mathematics exams ever again?

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