My Spring Nail Polish Picks

Hey pixels!! Today I want to talk about my nail polish picks for Spring.  I love Spring colours, and now we are not wearing gloves anymore, so it’s the moment to start wearing nail polish always.

I always have a look at the trends, but it’s just looking. I think it’s ok to have a look at what’s fashionable, but we decide what we want to wear. I mean, I don’t wear a trend if I don’t like it.
My favourite colours this Spring 2017 are: pale pink and yellow. I love them, and they are just easy to match with my Spring clothes. I love how they look on my fingers or toes. I don’t know how is the weather like when do you live, but here I’ll be able to wear sandals soon. That means more nail polish!!


The only thing I don’t like about nail polish is that, if you wash your hands often, it tends to disappear so fast. The best ways to prevent this happening is to clean your nails before applying the nail polish. Having them hydrated helps too; brushing them with avocado oil and cleaning them after.
Apply always two coats of nail polish. This is helpful specially if your colour is bit pale and you want it to be a little brighter. That happens sometimes with my pale pink. But I love it anyway!!
A tip that’s always useful is to be aware of expiration dates. All beauty products have one. It’s that small picture of an open lid with a number. This number is the number of months that this product will be fine after being opened. For example, as you may see in this picture, this nail polish can be used after 24 months. I don’t recommend to use expired products, of course, but you can use them until the last month.

spring nail polish picks
Do you have favourite colours for your nails this Spring, my happy pixels? Any tip about how to use it better? Please, let us know in the comments below.


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