My DECASO bucket list

Hey pixels!! Today I’m collaborating with my friends at Chairish to talk to you about DECASO, a web where you can purchase lots of beautiful stuff for your home: rugs, art, furniture…. It’s a wonderful web!

I’ve been asked to make my own bucket list: to choose my favourite items, the ones that I would buy ASAP. I must say it has been a dificult task: everything is so pretty…

But I did it! I managed to choose my favourite ones. I would decorate my home using them right one. Please, visit their web, you’ll love it!!

My DECASO bucket list

decaso appetizer bowls

Vintage Fornasetti Appetizer Bowls. Perfect when you have guests or during your Easter brunch.

decaso lounge chair

Pair of Italian wingback lounge chairs. I wish I had a cozy reading nook, just to seat and read. This couple of lounge chairs would be comfy and beautiful. I imagine myself sitting near my living room window, while reading a good book and having a cup of tea.

decaso lamp

Industrial aluminium floor lamp. To illuminate me when reading. If situated between my pair of Italian lounge chairs,  another person and me can read at the same time. A light is necessary to read at night or during a dark Winter evening.

decaso rug

Antique Shahsavan Kilim. I would take this beauty to my bedroom, to keep my feet warm and cozy when I get up. Classic and beautiful, its pattern is amazing. Actually it was difficult to choose a rug, because there are lots of nice options.

A couple of art works, to decorate my living walls: Vladimir Lebedev Cubist Abstract Workk on Paper, Constructivism and Lil Tokyo Down by DJ. Again it’s difficult to choose between so many good options. I love rugs and wall art, so I actually would bring everything to my house!!

decaso globe

Philips 12 inch desk globe, circa 1900. As a globe lover, I had to get one for my list. I love globes, I have one as a nighstand light…

decaso tea pot

Stig Lindberg terma tea pot. To make my tea and start reading!! I love its simplicity and flawless beauty.

decaso pillows

Rag Rug Pillows. A house gets cozier when sofas and chairs are covered by pillows. Any kind of pillows. I love this one in particular, the pattern is lovely. And this pretty colours.

Now it’s your turn, my happy pixels!! What about visiting DECASO’s web and start looking for your favourite items?

What do you think about my list, my happy pixels? Do you like my choices? Please, let me know in the comments below.


  1. This looks awesome! I love that rug, and I have to admit to being a bit of a globe fanatic.I only have 3 at home, but am always tempted to grab another and have to actively dissuade myself from it (I only live in a very small place). I could probably get lost on that website for several hours!

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