My 2017 bucket list

Hey pixels!! I’ve been invited to take part on the project Experiences, Not Things!, created by my friends at Eventbrite. Because you’ll always remember the times you had with friends and loved ones, instead of impulse buys!! To look for awesome experiences and events near your area, you can register at Eventbrite’s web.


For this reason I was asked to create my ideal 2017 bucket list with the experiences I cherish for this year. I was so happy to collaborate, because I have a lot of experiences on my bucket list for 2017. I still have time for everything!!

My 2017 bucket list

Go to a classical music or jazz concert. I love both kinks of music, and I think I’ll have chances to assist to both concerts.

Go to a fim festival. There is a film festival in my town every Summer, so there I go!! It’s a small festival, with Mediterranean cinema. The projections take place on the street or in selected locations, pretty and wonderful.


Travel. At least I want to travel once, but I don’t know where yet. Maybe Paris or Prague. I’m not sure; there are lots of destinations and beautiful places I haven’t visited yet.

Watch Eurovision. And, of course, make something sweet to eat while watching. Cookies or a cake, for example. Or a complete dinner: a savoury recipe + a dessert! I’ll post the recipes, my happy pixels!!

A photo by Dustin Lee.


Make a picnic at the beach on Summer. Or more than one. Go swimming and eating something good there.

Learn new recipes: macarons or rainbow cake, for example. I love learning new recipes to start making them on my daily life. Healthier recipes, too, of course.

Write my first book. Or at least, try to do it! I’ll make a crowdfunding to help me financially. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, since I love reading and writing: books are the best!!


Watch a cycling stage, but not on tv. I mean, go to somewhere to watch the race. That would be great; I don’t mind which race, just watch them. If it’s amazing on tv, I can’t imagine how great it will be!!

DIY Christmas presents, instead of buying them all. I mean, something hand made is always better. At least, a little one for each person.

It’s a long and ambititious list, I know. Actually, I don’t expect to make all this things, but if I manage to make a least half of them, I would be happy anyway!

Do you have a bucket list, my happy pixels? A list full of happy activities that you want to do? Please, let me know in the comments below.





  1. I love the concept of experiences instead of things! Thanks for sharing your list! I have a list as well 🙂 I recently overcame a life-threatening illness, so I really try to make the most of my second chance! My list is on my blog under Buttkick List 🙂

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