How to prep your bedroom and guest room for springtime!

Hey pixels!! Spring is here, so it’s time to redecorate our homes!! Or at least, to make a few changes. Bedrooms need to get ready after a long, long Winter. It’s time to store our duvets and blankets. Now we can use softer materials and brighter colours!!


I’ve been collecting some tips, asking my friends and family, and writing how I prep my own room. This is a compilation of my best tips. You’ll see how simple and funny is to give your bedroom a nice & exotic Spring touch.


How to prep your bedroom & guest room for springtime

  • The first step is to store all the Winter stuff you’re not using anymore: duvets, blankets…. Change them for their Spring versions. More colourful, they will add a bright touch to the room.
  • Throw pillows. Ombre pillows, typography pillows, pillows with tassels… choose them in bright colours. Use them in your next pajama party!!
  • DIY mattress cleaner. Flipping your mattress and cleaning it it’s more important than you think, specially when someone at home has allergies. A good way to clean the mattress is just using baking soda: sprinkle it all over the mattress, let sit for a few hours and vacuum it. Pro tip: if you add a drops of essential oil it will smell pretty. If your mattress is too far gone to be saved and you’re in the market, check out Leesa for an online mattress purchase
  • Clean and store carpets. I have two carpets, for example, one for Winter, warm and comfy. One for Spring and Summer. If you’re storing yours, deep clean it before. You can use the same method you’ve used for the matress.
  • Organize your closet. Give the clothes you don’t use anymore to charity. Organize your clothes and shoes. Clean the inside of your closet. I recommend you this nice DIY cleaner.
  • If you have time and/or a bigger budget, you can make even bigger changes, like painting your walls in a Spring tone. Or adding a Spring touch with a floral wallpaper. If it has to be temporal, there are options for that, too.
  • A fresh flower bouquet. Flowers are always a good option.  How about white tulips??


That’s for your bedroom. For a guest room I will say that the same tips are valid. But I will add a couple more. Keep in mind that you want your guests to feel like at home. Like:

  • Just in case they forget something, put in the bedroom a welcome pack: sponge, soap, shampoo….
  • Leave a few magazines or even a book at their nighstand. Maybe they want to read before going to bed.
  • A fresh flower bouquet will impress them.
  • Clean towels and slippers, of course.
  • A tidy and clean room is perfect. Actually this would be the first one.
  • Wifi password. Home is where Wifi connects automatically. Let them know it!!

What do you think about this tips? Do you have your own tips? Do you prep your room for springtime? Please, let us know in the comments below.

Photos source: Unsplash.


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