How to clean your doormat

Hey pixels!! We’ve been talking about spring cleaning lately, but we’ve never talked about doormats. Keeping your doormat clean is really important, because we use it to clean our shoes when we arrive home. Taking off our shoes at home it’s important, but it’s also essential to keep the doormat clean. A dirty doormat can’t retain street dust on it.

To clean mine I use a mixture of warm water and a neutral soap. I brush it and then, I allow it to dry. I start the process brushing it with a cloth; to finish the drying process I leave outside for a few hours. Don’t use your doormat again until completely dry.

doormat 1

Usually I just sweep my doormat twice a week, but every 15 days or so, I do this cleaning process. It’s more effective than just sweaping or vaccum. I don’t have a vacuum cleaner, either.

Well, now you know how to keep your doormat clean. Have a look at the video for more information.

You’ll need:

  • brush
  • warm water
  • a neutral soap
  • a clean and dry cloth


Mix Β warm water and soap in a plastic container. Use 1 part soap, 4 parts water.

Gently, soak your brush into water/soap mixture. Brush doormat.

Repeat brushing; to make it, change water. Empty your container and fill it again with clean water and more soap.

To finish, remove soap using a dry cloth.

Allow your doormat to dry in a well ventilated area, or better, outdoors. Not in a sunny place; sunlight can affect your doormat colours.

Do you clean your doormat? How do you do it? Please, let me know in the comments below.

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