How to keep your home clean

Hey pixels!! Spring is coming. That means a better weather, cool spring clothes, flowers everywhere and outdoor activities. But also means spring cleaning.

I know, it’s hard. But it can be easier if you live in a house that’s already clean. But, how? If you follow this guide, my happy pixels, your home will be easier to clean now, because it will be less dirty. That easy!! The trick is to have an organized cleaning schedule to know when you should do every cleaning task.

If you think think this schedule is too strict, another option is to clean one room each day. But personally I prefer this guide. Cleaning is hard, I know. I don’t like it, too. But it has to be done. Listening your favourite playlist can help!! (And asking for help, every person who lives in the house should be cleaning, not just you).


How do you clean your home, my happy pixels? Do you have a guide or a schedule? Any trick that you want to share with us? Please, let me know in the comments below.




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