February Share & Inspire: sweet & savoury breads

Hey pixels!! Our vegan banana bread has been included in Esmé’s Share & Inspire monthly list. This month is about sweet and savoury breads. I love bread, I want to learn how to make a home made bread. But I started learning with this sweet bread recipe.

Thank you, Esmé, for including my recipe. You’re great!!


Do you remember it, my happy pixels? This bread is perfect for a Sunday brunch, or for your daily breakfast on the go. Bananas give you lots of energy, so you can start your day better. If you combine it with a cup of coffee, you’ll be unstoppable.

I’m really happy to share this recipe in Esmé’s blog. It’s good to share my work with everybody. For this reason I love blogging, to share what I do and what I think. I love to be part of this wonderful blogging community!!

I’m going to make more kinds of bread, both sweet and savoury. Stay in touch, my happy pixels!!

I hope you enjoy it!!

You can read the original post here.

Do you make bread at home, my happy pixels? If you have a nice recipe, you can share it with us!! Thank you.



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