How a perfect date should be (I’ve asked my blogger friends about it).

Hey pixels!! A couple of days ago, we talked about  Galentine’s Day, do you remember? Today it’s Valentine’s Day turn. I’ve asked my friends Stephanie, from Scale it simple and  my friends from Very Punny, to talk about their concept of a perfect date.

Everyone has a different idea about how a perfect date is, and sometimes our idea can change through time, but everyone knows exactly what they want from a date. Flowers, a nice dinner, a picnic… Options are endless.



Maybe you’ll get some last minute ideas from here. I hope that, and I whish you a romantic and lovely Valentine’s Day.

How a perfect date should be


“A perfect date is truly a personalized event. I feel like for me being rather introverted and sentimental the perfect date would be tailor made.

I enjoy staying in and cooking a romantic meal while listening to some relaxing music. There is nothing sweeter or more intimate than spending some quite time with someone and enjoying deep flowing conversations.
If feeling more adventurous anything outdoors will do, a picnic, a hike, stargazing. All lovely relaxing and romantic ways to enjoy a date with someone you love or are getting to know. Nothing over the top for me. 
I am a firm believer that the simpler the better, spending a date with someone is an opportunity to learn more about that person and enjoy time spent. Although I would never turn flowers, chocolates, and a foot rub either.”
Very Punny:
“My perfect date is a romantic small gesture. I don’t mind where we are (ok, I wouldn’t exactly appreciate a dump site, but oh well), as long as I’m spending quality time with my special person. I would be ok just being curled up on the sofa and talking all evening, having a good time and getting to know each other really well! Rather than going to a fancy restaurant, and appreciating the food rather than the company (with those dreaded awkward silences).”
The happiest pixel:
My perfect date is a quiet one. I’m an introvert person, too, so I don’t like being at places with lots of people. I’m thinking now in a dinner at home or at a small restaurant. Maybe a cute bike ride together. Or spending the night outside, in a beatiful place. Renting a caravan to spent a night in a natural park or similar, making some s’mores and having a cup of chocolate. Stargazing. Having breakfast while looking at nature. I love this kind of things.
But remember, my happy pixels. Valentine’s Day is a just once a year; but you can have romantic gestures to your special person every day. You don’t have to wait for a special day to go stargazing or to have a nice dinner at home. Love is in the air always”.
What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, my happy pixels? Do you have a date tonight? Please, let me know in the comments below.
Photos source: Unsplash, and I designed the first one using Canva.


  1. Hi, there! Just popped in from Scale it Simple’s Be Mine Blog Party. 🙂
    All great date ideas you’ve got here. I love a nice relaxing date night, too. I’m also an introvert, so I can appreciate things that don’t involve crowds of people. lol
    I did Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend over the weekend since we both had it off. He brought me roses and we went out for a nice dinner and then just had a cozy weekend at his place with lots of cuddles, watched some movies and caught up on a couple shows, played some board games and video games, and just enjoyed spending time together. It was a lot of fun.
    Enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day! ❤

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  2. Love this! I don’t enjoy going out to dinner until I know someone a little better, a cooking date sounds pretty perfect though! With some country music on too, might just suggest this to my boyfriend tonight! I’m not a big fan of doing things on Valentines Day, but we are going out to get a crepe and I am too excited xx

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