How to throw the best Galentine’s Day party ever!!

Hey pixels!! Lately we’ve been talking a lot about Valentine’s Day. But not everything is love and romance. Don’t forget about parties and friends!!

This is serious, my happy pixels. What about hosting a party? Start sending your epic invites and decorating your home!! We have lots of ideas: a Netflix marathon, a DIY party, videogames, board games, dancing or karaoke…. The options are endless… So, we’ve just made a sweet infographics to remind you the basic things you can’t forget when hosting a party. Here it is!!


Are you celebrating Galentine’s Day this year, my happy pixels?? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,



  1. I love this. Valentine’s Day, to me anyway, is about love in general, and that includes friends and other loved ones, too! 🙂 My parents always taught me that it was about everyone you love, not just your significant other. Since I did Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend over the weekend I’m going out for a Galentine’s lunch date with a good friend of mine later today. I hosted a Galentine’s Day book club party before and that was a blast. I made zombie cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and other goodies and did trivia games and discussed the month’s book we’d read with a bunch of my lady friends. It was a good time. I’d love to throw another one sometime and will definitely keep this post in mind if I do!

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    • Thank you, my happy pixel!! I think you’re right, Valentine’s Day is about love, not just romantic love, and you can celebrate with all your loved ones.
      This book party sounds really good, I’ll keep in mind, too!! I love to celebrate with my family and friends. I dont’t have boyfriend right now, but I’m still celebrating today!! I have lovely people in my life!

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