Swiss chard soup

Hey pixels!! My aunt, who has a small urban garden, gave me some swiss chard a couple of days ago. I was really pleased, due to organic veggies are always the best ones.

It’s my first time cooking swiss chard, so I’ve been looking for recipes on the Internet. I’ve found two; well, actually one of them is not from Google, it’s from my aunt. The good point is that I can make both recipes. One of them is made using chard leaves, and the other, this one, needs chard stalks.


I know, maybe it’s a bit weird. Maybe not everyone use their swiss chard stalks. But this soup is warm and nice. And it can be improved adding more veggies to the recipe, like potatos.

This was my dinner yesterday. I made the soup just before eating, but you can make it in advance. I love soups, they are a great starter, and a great dinner. I could eat soup every day, so I’m always looking for new soup recipes.

Next week I’ll post my second new recipe, using swiss chard, too. Keep in touch to read it, my happy pixels!!



  • swiss chard stalks
  • 150 ml soy cream
  • water or vegetable stock (I’ve used water)


Cut swiss chard stalks in medium/small pieces. Cook them in water or vegetable stock for about 20′. It’s better if you add a bit of olive oil.

Add soy cream and stirr. Cook 2-3′ more.

Blend until smooth. Serve warm.

Do you like soups, my happy pixels? I love soups. If you have a favourite soup or a favourite swiss chard recipe, you can tell us in the comments below.


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