Things I want to do this Winter

Hey pixels!!  Sorry I haven’t published so much lately; I’ve had a cold… Now I feel better, and I want to continue my series of Things I want to do this Summer, Autumn , and now, Winter.

Yesterday it was the first day of Winter. That means we are facing 3 months of cold weather. But don’t let this disappoint you. Winter can be wonderful, too. I have a lot of plans for the next cold months, and I hope you have tons of plans, too!! Just think in all the pretty Winter stuff: snow, blankets, mittens, scarfes and all our nice sweaters. You’ll feel better!!

Things I want to do this Winter


Paint a lot


Visit a  street market


Learn a new skill


Keep writing

A photo by Dustin Lee.

Improve my blog


A lot of funny activities


Do you have any seasonal goals, my happy pixels? Anything special that you want to do in the next months?

Do you like Winter? It’s cold and dark, I know, but it has its beautiful side, too. Enjoy it, my happy pixels!!

Photo source: Unsplash


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