The happiest Christmas menu suggestions nº2

Hey pixels!! As I told you, here is a second menu suggestion for Christmas. If you’re not still sure about what to eat the big day, you can check this one and the first one. But don’t worry, I’m going to post more…

I don’t know about you, but most people (me) eat more or less the same every Christmas. It’s a bit boring, so this year I want to make something different. I’m not sure yet about which menu I will choose, but I would like to help you too with my suggestions. This is why I’m publishing them, my happy pixels.

Here it is:

Christmas menu suggestion nº2


la foto 5

Chickpea & spinach soup (vegan)

Main course:


Wild mushrooms & spaguetti


Swedish cookies 3

Swedish rye cookies 

Do you have any special recipe for Christmas time, my happy pixels? That one you make every year? Or do you prefer to change and make something different every Christmas? Are you going to make our suggestions nº1 or 2? Please, let me know in the  comments below.

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