Christmas decoration tips

Hey pixels!! Christmas is almost here, and there are still lots of things to do… Have you decorated your house yet? If the answer is no, maybe you’ll  want to have a look at the next decorating tips and ideas to get the ideal festive decoration.



The happiest decoration tips

Choose a colour scheme. Don’t think just in red and green; use what you already have at home, and choose a colour scheme that matches with your usual decoration colours. There are a lot of possibilities: gold, white, black… You can even use non traditional Christmas colours, like pink.

Focus on a central point: your fireplace, tree, table… Make this point the center of your decoration; choose a nice one and make everyone look at it.


Decorate the table. It’s Christmas, my happy pixels. You’re going to eat, so why not having a beautiful decoration for your table? Candles, napkins, maybe some flowers… Just be consistent with the colous: keep the same scheme everywhere in the house.

Use natural elements. Pine cones, leaves, branches… If you’re collecting wild mushrooms, pick up some cool things to decorate. Make a wreath, put them on mason jars… the possibilities are endless.


DIY: a wall ornament, reuse old Christmas cards, make a DIY tree… Make anything that makes your house cozier. You can even have fun with gift wrapping.

Why not something funny? Are you thinking the same as I’m thinking now, my happy pixels? A hot chocolate bar? Cocoa? Marshmallows? Anyone? I want two, my happy pixels!!


And last, but not least: less is more. You don’t need to decorate every corner of the house. The result will be better with less decorative items, but well chosen and placed.

How do you decorate your home, my happy pixels?? Do you prefer a traditional style? A modern style? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Photos: Unsplash


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