How to make this awesome lassagna using your Thanksgiving leftovers

Hey pixels!! Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? How was your day? Are you a member of a family who cooks to much food? Do you have some leftovers? That’s pretty good, because now you can use them to make a fancy, new dish to enjoy today!! All the taste of your festive food served as a lassagna! Garfield would be proud of you, my happy pixels!!


Making this recipe is so easy, because you’ve already done the hard part: gravy and meatloaf are ready, and you just have to cook a bit more and assemble the dish. It’s a totally different way of eating your Thanksgiving menu. And tasteful: maybe next year you will consider it as your main course for your family gathering.

And here is the recipe, my happy pixels!!

Ingredients (serves 2):



Preheat oven at 180ºC

Cook your lassagna sheets according to package directions.

Add tomato sauce and oregano to your white sauce. Mix well.

Assemble your dish in a greased baking mold. Your layers should be like that:

  • pasta sheets
  • chickpea pure
  • pasta sheets
  • gravy
  • pasta sheets
  • white sauce
  • chickpea pure
  • pasta sheets
  • gravy
  • pasta sheets
  • white sauce

Bake for 25-30′, serve warm.

What do you think about it, my happy pixels? Do you use your Thanksgiving leftovers to make more food? Please, let me know in the comments below.



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