The Instagram Book Tag

Hey pixels!!  I saw Ann’s answers to this book tag and I thought it was amazing! I couldn’t help myself but to get my hands dirty and do this tag! I love Instagram and I love reading. Both are the best. What could be better?


My answers:

Feed: Many people give a special theme to their Instagram feeds, or none at all. Are most of the books you read of the same genre, or do you like to mix it up?

I mix up, I choose the books I read randomly. Actually, I look at the cover and title, and I read the abstract on the back cover. If I like what I read there, I just start reading!!

Filter: Instagrammers often put filters onto their photos to make them look vibrant and beautiful. Name a book with a stunning cover!

Lately, I’ve read Bear (Marian Engel)and Hurra (Ben Brooks); I think their covers are amazing.

Following: On Instagram, users follow others to see what they post, and basically for a little mash-up of their lives. Name a book character whose steps you always enjoy following

I’m not reading a book series now, so I’m not following any charachter steps, but I’ve followed Harry Potter steps.


Followers: Many celebrities have millions of Instagram followers. Name a hyped-up book read by thousands that you were hesitant to read, but ended up devouring

Game of Thrones, but the fifth book is not as good as the others.

Direct Message: DMs are often used to send pictures found on Instagram to others, or simply just to chat. Name a book you always recommend to others

Any book which I have enjoyed so much. For example, Jo confesso (Jaume Cabré) or Gegants de gel (Joan Benesiu).

Bio: Instagram bios can be up to 150 characters long, and can be used to give some general information about yourself. Name a book with a catchy blurb that hooked you in

Balla, balla, balla (Murakami). I couldn’t stop reading.

Unfollow: Sometimes you’ll like someone’s feed at first, but then you lose interest and decide to unfollow them. Name a book you liked at first, but over time, the love wore off.

Placeholder Image

My love for a book is forever. But sometimes, I choose the wrong book and I find it boring or awful. I never finish this books; like La sal de la vida or L’obediència de la dona del pastor.

Notifications: Whether you admit it or not, everyone loves and waits anxiously to see the pink notification button pop up at the bottom of their Instagram feed. Name an unreleased book that you’ve been anxiously awaiting

I would like to read the next book of Game of Thrones; when I was reading the Harry Potter books, I was waiting for the next to be released.

Hashtag: Many Instagrammers use hashtags to get their photos out there, or just for fun. Create yourself a bookish hashtag! It could be anything from just your blog’s name, to something crazy spectacular!

#thehappiestbook #thehappiestreadings #happybooks #happinessisagoodbook

Story: Many Instagrammers love using Instagram’s Story feature to let their followers know what they’re currently up to. Name a book you’re currently reading!


Now I’m reading two books at the same time: La néta del senyor Linh (Philippe Claudel) and No és la derrota, sinó el vent (Jesús M.Tibau)

Tag: Many people tag friends in their photos because they were together when the picture was taken, or simply just because. Tag 5 awesome bloggers that you’d like to see take on this tag!

I’m doing the same as Anne: I tag all the pixels reading my answers!! Are you going to do the tag? Please, leave a link to your tag post in the comments; I would love to read your answers!!

Love, Sílvia.

Photos source: Unsplash and my own Instagram feed.


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