Happy Sharing: we’re looking for guest writers!!

Hey pixels!! As I said last week, when we were celebrating that we already are 200 happy pixels, I’m introducing a new blog section. It’s a sharing section, where you can write guest posts about everything related to the blog: food, DIY’s, happiness, tips, tags, books, travelling, art… The list is long, my happy pixels!!


You can write the post specifically for this section, or you can publish a popular post that you have already published. I’m open to both options. I just ask to you, my happy and lovely pixels, to follow this rules:

The happy rules:

The objective of this new section is to collaborate to promote another blogger’s work. I’m publishing your article, adding a link to your blog. After that, you repost my article, adding a link to my blog. We both win.

Please, repost my post, even if it’s a recipe you already had published. And don’t forget to add a link to this happy blog.

As I said before, you can write about almost anything. There is no limitation in how long or short is the post. But it should have at least 2 pictures.

(Read carefully this rules, please. I supose you agree with them since the moment you’re interested in participating.)

If you want to collaborate, just send me a mail with your proposal at: thehappiestpixel@gmail.com. If you’ve already published the post add the link to it. If it’s a new text, send me a preview of it. I’ll answer to you as soon as I can, I promise. You can also post a comment here with your link.

Don’t hesitate to answer if you have any doubt about this happy rules. My objective is to collaborate and to create a happy community.

I hope you’ll enjoy the idea as much as I do, my happy pixels!!

Lots of love,



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