The Reader’s Playlist (Tag C)

Hey pixels!! Recently I answered the questions on The Reader’s Playlist: Tag A and Tag B. It has been awesome!! Thanks again, Hannah, for proposing this tag.

Today I’m publishing the last one: Tag C.



  • Answer as many or as few questions that you like. I suggest if you want to attempt them all that you turn it into a few daily/weekly posts, probably organised as I have. Make sure you have fun with it!
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their post.
  • Leave a link to my post so that others can see all of the questions!🙂
  • Tag the post with the tagline ‘The Reader’s Playlist Tag’ so that I can see all of your lovely posts!❤
  • Use the logo as above in your post if you want! However, I ask that you don’t modify it, please!
  • Tag a few friends to take part in the tag at the bottom of your post!😀
  • Feel free to leave a link in my comments to your own responses. I look forward to reading them!


1. Autographs = Do you have any autographs, signed albums, books or memorabilia?

I just have a signed book. It’s No nos dejan ser niños. The book plot takes place in my town.

2. Physical vs Electronic = E-books or Paperback/Hardbacks? CDs vs Digital Download?

Books in paper, please. The smell of a book, someone should make it a fragance  (I leave the idea here…) #teamphyisical

Music: I use both, Spotify and my old CD’s.

3. Have you ever been retweeted/had a tweet favourited by a famous artist/band or author?

Not yet. But if someday I write something interesting about cycling, I would like to be retweed by my favourite cyclist. Or you can start retweeting my posts now, Chris Froome.


4. Tears = A book that made you sob your heart out + an emotional breakup song

I cried a lot reading The bridges of Madison County.

Always (Bon Jovi). This is a breakup song?

5. Anger = A book that you wanted to throw against the wall + an ‘angry’song

La sal de la vida (Françoise Heritier). I hate this book.

Any song in a music style which I don’t like: dance music, hip hop…

6. Childhood = A book/series from your childhood + a song you loved when you were little OR a book that reminds you of your childhood + a song that takes you back in time😀

During my childhood I loved comics: Asterix and Mortadelo y Filemón were my favourites. The first good book I read was The wonderful adventures of Nils (Selma Lagerlöf).

I started listening to music when I was a teenager, so any song that I used to listen in that time takes me back in time. The lemon tree, Wonderwall

7. Seasonal = A book that is set in your favourite season (please say which season!) + a seasonal song that gets you in the mood😀

My favourite season is Autumn, but I also enjoy Winter. Here it’s not too cold, I would’t love Winter so much if it was really cold… I find this book adorable: The cold modifies the fishes path (Pierre Szalowski)

Usually I don’t listen to seasonal songs at home, but I get in a good mood when I’m in a shop or at a café and they had Christmas songs as a background music.

8. Happiness = Books that you couldn’t help smiling whilst reading + A song that puts you in a good mood😀

The adventures of good soldier Schweik, ( Jaroslav Hasek). It’s a kind of parody of wars and armys.

A song: Ho hey, The Lumineers.


9. Friendship = A book about a friendship + your friendship anthem 

The boy in the striped pyjamas (John Boyne).

I’ll be there for you (The Rembrandts). It’s the theme from Friends .

10. Duet = Your OTP + your favourite artist collaboration

Sorry, what’s OTP?

11. School = A book set in school + a song/music video about school/college experiences

The perks of being a wallflower. I don’t remember now any song or music video.

12: Words = Favourite book quote + favourite song lyric

Book quote:

Alice: This is impossible.

Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.

Actually I don’t have a favourite song lyric, but I like this one:

I will never know myself until I do this on my own
And I will never feel anything else, until my wounds are healed
I will never be anything till I break away from me
I will break away, I’ll find myself today

Somewhere I belong, Linkin Park

And that’s all, my happy pixels! Tag finished!! Have you answered this questions, too? Do you participate in tags or blog challenges? Please, let me know in the comments below.


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