Blog news and celebration

Hey pixels!! I have more than 200 followers!! Hooray! I couldn’t be happier! And, above all, I couldn’t have arrived to this happy moment without you, my happy pixels! Thanks to all my lovely followers, and also thanks to the people who read the blog!!

To express my gratitude towards you, I’m preparing a couple of new sections. One it will be a place to share recipes and posts; but I have to improve it first. The other…



… news is that I’ve just started collaborating with Bloggermemopad in a happy project where we share tips and tricks about blogging. I’ll post there twice a month, and I’ll share this posts here, too. So, you’re all invited to read and comment. I hope this way we’ll be able to help. 🙂

Are you excited, my happy pixels?? I am. November has started with a lot of good news here.

How are you, my happy pixels? I hope all is great in your lifes. Thanks again for your support and friendship. It’s really important for me.

During next week I’ll publish more about that recipe sharing section.

And the first post on Bloggermemopad will be the 11November. See you there, my happy pixels!!

Lots of love,

Sílvia (thp).



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