The Reader’s Playlist (Tag B)

Hey pixels!! It’s time to answer Tag B questions!! I had fun with the first part, so I really wanted to make the second (Tag C is coming out next week).

Thanks, Hannah!! Your tag is amazing!!



  • Answer as many or as few questions that you like. I suggest if you want to attempt them all that you turn it into a few daily/weekly posts, probably organised as I have. Make sure you have fun with it!
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their post.
  • Leave a link to my post so that others can see all of the questions!🙂
  • Tag the post with the tagline ‘The Reader’s Playlist Tag’ so that I can see all of your lovely posts!❤
  • Use the logo as above in your post if you want! However, I ask that you don’t modify it, please!
  • Tag a few friends to take part in the tag at the bottom of your post!😀
  • Feel free to leave a link in my comments to your own responses. I look forward to reading them!


1. Library = Favourite place to buy/listen to music

I use mostly Spotify (free version), and I keep listening  my old CD’s.

2. Bookmark = A song you keep losing (or forgetting about) then rediscovering.

A song I like so much, but I keep forgetting about is The lemon tree (Fool’s Garden).


3. Currently Reading Listening = What song(s) have you been enjoying listening to recently?

This week I’ve been listening to Kaiser Chiefs.

4. Review = Tell me about a song and what you liked, disliked, rating etc.

I just know when I like a song. But I don’t think why I enjoy it, and I don’t rate it. For example: Thank you, Futures.

5. Typical Plot Line = A song that sounds like another song

Every song of Alejandro Sanz. They all are the same… (I’m not a fan).

6. Memoir = A song that relates to a personal experience (yours or that of the artist)

I can’t remember a song directly related to a personal experience, but there are a lot of songs related to a personal memorie of my life. For example, the song we used in a play at school. It was suggested by that cute boy; it was his fault I became a fan of The Offspring.


7. Reading Slump = Music that you want to turn off because it puts you in a bad mood

Any song or kind of music which I don’t like: hip hop, dance music….

8. Bestseller = Music that sold millions of copies

The Beatles.

9. Disorganised Shelves = Put your music collection on shuffle and see what comes up

A cool combination of all the music bands that I love: Kaiser Chiefs, Futures, Green Day, Biffy Clyro, The subways… If you want to check one of my playlists, you can do it here.

10. Contemporary = Music that makes you want to dance

I don’t dance.

11. Retold = Favourite cover of a song

Usually I just listen to the original one 🙂

Note: photos are from Unsplash and the beautiful logo disegned by Hannah.

Are you making this tag, my happy pixels? If you do so, please, let me know it. I want to read your answers!! 🙂



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